Sunday, December 13, 2009

Early spring…

IMG_9088Spring is such a nice season of the year, mainly because you are saying goodbye to the grayish cold winter for another year and welcome the sun back to life after 2-3 months of cold & wet weather, hehe. Another reason would be it’s the time where new shoots sprouts, green green grass growing all around, and flowers blossom. Aussies like to have garden in their front yard, or a patchy of green green grass lawned, thus the gardens in almost every home will be brighten up with colourful vivid flowers again, making each a loving sight to look at!! The varieties and colour of flowers seen here is more than many places i’ve seen in M’sia, mainly due to the 4 seasons and cool temperature that allows those plants to grow.

It’s just so hard to believe how much the sun brings joy and happiness to everyone including me!!! The streets became alive again, and people were enjoying a cup of coffee, beers, picnics, visiting parks and botanic gardens again. Spring is such a lovely season :)

Below are pictures just taken around my neighbourhood, my house front & back yard, haha.
IMG_8451 IMG_8457
IMG_8467 IMG_8470 IMG_8472 IMG_8477 IMG_8493 IMG_9075 IMG_9083  IMG_9099 NYX NYX

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