Monday, December 10, 2007

Bukit Kutu trip.....yeah

My colleague/labmate told me about this trip, bukit kutu climb which is located at Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB), i was like Hmm.....sounds interesting, i have heard of this hill from my hiking friend, cloud.........she even said it's a tough trek plus it required the climbers to overnight.

THis trip was organised by Malaysia Nature Society(MNS), pathfinder group. RM20 for outsiders who wana join and RM10 for MNS members. I heard of MNS from labmate gf dy, about the how to be a member, the activities...., well it seems fun to join, one need to pay RM50(student price) to be a member, RM70 for non-student. I was still considering whether to be a member, considering that i might not be able to join their activities so often, however the benefit is, you get to know more interesting places e.g waterfalls, camping, gunung, bukit.....etc from them, plus they have the experience dy. HEHE, however until now i hv't join. Someday i will.
Well, i love hiking, so YES I JOIN them for the climb eventhough i have to submit a powerpoint homework to my boss y monday.....if possible , i wana climb most of the hills around peninsula M'sia, haha.

On that morning, we gathered at the MNS centre to car pool. I was surprised that ppl from johor drive up all the way for this climb(oso goin fraser's hill), old couple (v white hair dy), old english couple also joined. In the end we have 30 ppl, most of them are in mid-age and 20s i guessed. My Fren and i tumpang the tour leader's car ( HE make sure u hv to a pair of slippers, 1 set of new clothing before you can sit in the car).

On the way to KKB, we passed by Rawang and had our breakfast. Tapao nasi lemak for lunch. On the way before we reached the starting, we passed by a dam.

On the way, we were told of the KKB story which is sthg like this:-
In February 1883 the Kuala Kubu town was destroyed by a great flood caused by a broken dam near the town. Many of civillians were drowned and lost their home. Among others included a district officer of Kuala Kubu during British era, Cecil Ranking. However, the old town was severely flooded and most of the old town's facilities were damaged beyond repair. A Buddhist temple and a mosque survived the flood. The old town has since been known as Ampang Pecah, or Broken Dam in the Malay language. The tragedy was probably known as Tragedi Kuala Kubu by local civilians. After the tragedy, the British government decided to build a new town near the old town. The new town was named Kuala Kubu Bahru, with Bahru meaning "new" in the Malay language. Residential houses have been developed since the 1980's in the previously abandoned old town, or Ampang Pecah. Most inhibitants are from the nearby new town of Kuala Kubu Bahru. The redevelopment of Ampang Pecah, the site of the old town, was a natural progression on the organic growth of the new township of Kuala Kubu Bahru. A monument was built here to commemorate the Kuala Kubu tragedy. There is now a new dam, Sungai Selangor Dam, north of KKB which has created a huge new reservoir and taken away about 9km of the old KKB to Fraser's Hill road.

It took all of us 2 hour to reach the starting point of bukit kutu climb. The starting point was located inside Kampung Petai, an orang asli kampung ( but a modern 1). The trek was quite muddy little bit, due to the heavy rain pour the night before in this area, so it quite wet as well. Quite many leeches (pacat) can be seen on the way. Most of those ppl who wore leech-sock were not scared, while i kept looking on the floor to kept myself away from the leeches ( i dun mind letting them suck my blood, but i jz dun like to c them growing big sucking my blood).

Well, for those who r 1st time, better seek guidance, coz the way diverge in few BETTER be CAREFUL....not to go the wrong way, plus the whole trek required you to cross 3 streams(1 big n 2 small), so be ready to get wet no matter what.

I would rank this trek hard and tough, coz it a long one( 1000 over meter),non-stop climbing to make it back and forth in 1 day, muddy, slippery, lots of leeches, lots of fallen bamboos, quite steep in some places, not recommended for those inexperince and those who dun like hiking at all( sure they will curse u for bringing them there).

Here's some pics from me:)

parking for breakfast in Rawang

The dam gate
the dam lake

Can you see the modern bungalow behind??? those are orang asli houses


u'll hv to cross a few bridge like this

Ppl playing water here

The rapid waterfall???

The initial condition of the trek

crossing the 1st big stream

I love bamboos.........

a rest hut for orang asli i guessed, durian young shoots can be seen around here planted by them

Lots of bamboo here.........lot n lots..........wonder why isn't this bukit called bukit buluh instead of bukit kutu, i din see any kutu at all.

The gigantic rock half way up the trek

surprisingly, we saw two tortise....

Yeah, we finally reached the summit.....after 4 hrs n half , the chimney of an old house built on top here which is the leftover remnants.....
The summit was not as beautiful as i expected. But i heard one can actually see the KKB town from the summit if the sky are clear, sadly it was cloudy.

2 gals that were vyvy 'geng' that hv climbed many hills including gunug tahan, mount kinabalu....

me v the 1st few climbers that reach the summit

the chimney.....

One of the 2 well that was once there....

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