Monday, December 24, 2007

MERRY XMAS everybody....yeah

Yeah............Xmas is here I have always love Christmas very much. Y??? it's bcoz of the warmth tat i owez c movies show, haha...the colour of Xmas-warm colour, the Xmas tree, gift giving, and another best thing is i love Christmas songs especially those old christmas songs, e.g the one playing now, from Frank Sinatra. I dun really like the new and mixed christmas songs nowadays.....i jz love the old original ones. :)

Santa claus..., who really believe?? guess most of us do when we are young, though it's just a folk tale..., the existence of this santa claus makes Xmas merrier.

Normally, i will go to church, hear the choir team sing xmas songs...see the deco of the church, enjoyed the peaceful christmas eve night.... though now i actually became lazy to go dy, coz no transport.

Surely i hope 1 day i can touch the snow during xmas, make a snowman....throw rolled snow balls....c the snowflakes dropping down from my house window.....haha. Besides that, i hope to celebrate Xmas with my family in the future :)

Tis year, i get to have the chance to deco a christmas tree myself....hehe, courtesy of my senior (jz lend me), i'm so happy.....Coz decorating xmas tree is so much fun!!! This tree was put in my lab....

I would to take tis chance to wish every1 a merry christmas, especially my family and frens...., n to tose who supported my blog...hehe.

the xmas tree and deco stuffs before putting on...

my fren helping out
Hehe,.... decorating...

half way...deco

Putting on cotton on to make snow feel

ta-da.....nearly done

Adding more stuff

Xmas gift and cards

hehe, putting the last thing on....

Yeah, the Xmas tree is done.....vyvy beautiful....haha :)


  1. cool!
    i've never decorated a xmas tree b4. would like to try one day! hehe.

    i love to watch Home Alone on xmas day, but too bad they didn't show on tv like they alwayz do.

  2. U shud, it's fun to deco a xMas tree...v ur creativity....
    I like home alone too especially home alone 1 and 2. Haha.