Thursday, December 6, 2007

NPC lab bukit Tabur trip

7th OCt 2007 climb with NPC lab members- charles, andy, missy and tmc.............

a great adventurous climb we had, this was the first i actually brought and lead my frens myself to climb. I felt very happy to introduce to them such a nice place and beautiful scenery. It's alsO the 1St time i went and dipped myself in the waterfall water in the nearby taman rekreasi. was damn nice to enjoy the splashing of cold water against my body after such a hot tiring climb.

I hOpe theY alL EnjoY the trip. I'm very haPPied indeed to hear one of my them said that he enjoyed and appreciated the trip, to him, it's a new experience as this climb was different from the normal usual climb which is more on jungle trekking , going through bushes and muds.

They all planned to climb the next mountain next to it.....i cant wait for it , yeaH!!

climbing up.......

Andy imitating 'huang ming zhi' : "wo bu shi hip-hop kaki, ke si wo yao......" (muar's chinese song)

A gud spot to Bertapa...haha

I give u 'power

Yeah, we all made it to the end.....