Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bukit Tabur....another peak

Today went hiking again on another peak........this bukit is much easier to climb though it seems to me a much longer trek, u return to the kaki bukit through another trek passing through a fruit orchard ( abit confusing here).....however the fun part of this trek is it require alot of rock climbing compared to the opposite peak. The view from this peak is vy beautiful , overlooking the klang gate dam from another side:)

here's some pics:

this is the main door to the klang gate dam

overlooking wangsa maju housing area...

Cloud n me

the trail on top of the peak with the highland trees
me v gillian, ah shui, ah xiang, ...forgot dy...haha
a great pic of my fren, ah zhe v the magnificient view behind

the rope decending part, can u c there are a few words written on the rock, hui tou shi an, meaning u can still turn back in time , haha

universiti islam antarabangsa

lovely flower growing on top

Mosses growing along the trail

some more peaks in front, duno whoever went b4

the trail down from the peak

The scarcrow to ward off ???\

The opposite peak which i climbed twice dy :)

can u c batu cave at the far end and the road to genting

a taman rekreasi of taman melawati nearby the dam....for relaxing after a long climb


  1. I'm Wangsa Maju section 2 resident,I know long time ago got this wonderful lands! But I dint know how to go, if you the once like in hiking. Please give me a contact 017-2241678 or e-mail at I'm that person like outdoor active!

    我是 Wangsa Maju Section 2 的居民,我很早已知道有此登高乐园!可是不懂如何到达此处。如果你是位喜欢登高户外活动者,请您联络我: 017-2241678 或电邮 我是一位喜欢登高与户外活动者!

    私はワンサーマジュウ第二区の市民です。このヒキンアリアをシテルー持ちでいました!残念たから行きじゃ知らない。若し、あなたはヒキンと户外活動が大好きは、連絡してお願いします!電話どぞ:017-2241678 跡でエメルどぞ どもします。私もヒキンと户外活動が大好きでしょうさ!

    Thank You。 谢谢。 有難う御座いました。

  2. Hi, Cheong

    it's located at taman melawati, many people go there during weekends. the trail head is very near to the dam