Thursday, December 20, 2007

Camping at Morib Beach...yeah

Last september, "Do you wana join me to Morib beach??" tat's the SMS i received, i was like hell yeah...sure , y not?? In KL, it's hard to see beach, and i was wondering where is this beach?? I heard it was at banting, but haha, i duno where is that?? At first i thought it was in Pahang, but haha, untill i was in the car , only i knew it was not really tat far, plus the place was located on the west coast...haha. We traveled pass Putrajaya, pass dengkil to my fren's house to gather the things we need, water, tent, ropes, mats, etc... then to load up with some snacks and foods for dinner COZ WE ARE GONA CAMP OVERNITE ON THE BEACH....yeah

There are alot of kampung boys and familay there picnicing, infact quite many tent was already set up there to camp as well. Sunset came and over, we were in search of a good spot to set up our camp and find dry woods for making a campfire.......then cooked our kari ayam, campbell soup, beans....wo....wo.. it's was so much fun...make two new UM frens too, one guy- Philip, and another gal - Ou Yang.

We stayed up almost whole nite, though not many mosquitoes, but we barely get any sleep, hardly any stars too, vy cloudy. Around 3PM sthg, strong winds blew and almost shook off our tent...haha It seems like Big storm is coming, and we quickly pack our things and got into the cars.........however, the rain was raining cats and dogs on and off then stop....we stayed inside the car till around 5-6am.......
We got our la la back home.

Near sunset...

with cloud, philip and Ou yang

Nite Posing???

Early dawn...

A quite lovely dog that seems stray off from his owner which have been playing with us, especially my fren, ah Zhe all the time

The dog dun wana be left alone

The dog followed our car all the way out to the road junction....and sadly returned back to the beach i guessed, haha

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