Thursday, December 20, 2007

2nd Kuala Kedah trip + penang...yeah

Tis was my 2nd time to kuala kedah, to the same place, to the same but renovated new house!!! haha, it was totally a hustle weekend for me tat time, got to rush thru my powerpoint homework for my supervisor before i can embark on this trip from Kl to Kuala Kedah. Wo, wo...a busy morning, wake up , start do powerpoint till 2pm, got to rush to Pudu, to buy 4pm bus to kuala kedah.....6 hours ride...vy tired....haha, but excited to c my coursemates...haha, i missed them all....

here's r some pics for the moment:

my fren's house RENOVATED but they remained the old "mao che' " (toilet) where the feces go to the......longkang

The small building in the pic is a new added store room :) ----->

Going to Kota lama (old fort)

Padi fields, i really love the green

flowers...haha taking macro pics growing along the padi fields roadside

taking pics of scatter seashells along a shoreline nearby---->

Wood.... looking at the matrix of it...hehe

The shore line where road to kuala perlis gona be make...---->

Early morning

WE with the majestic builiding behind( heard this building will becoma a casino??)

My lovely coursemates.....

Into Francis Light land....Penang, this was my first ferry ride in west M'sia.....gud experience, and get to see the island from the sea....

Ppl queuing for the ferry.... are they??

Flocks of pigeons on the deck

The famous penang brigde

Beautiful Penang

the jetty

Finally touched down on the penang island jetty..., it was a vyvy short penang trip, just sort of dropped by only....met my brother,settled sthg, then went to look for dvds....haha, though in the end, i went back empty handed.... I was there in penang for 3-4 hours only before travel back to KL.

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