Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pulau Ketam trip 21st dec 2007

My 1st Pulau ketam trip. A nice one. For more info of Pulau Ketam, here's a whole website developed by the ketam ppl for your convenience :)
it has all the info you need, from history till how to get there...etc
a very useful website dedicated to the tourism of pulau ketam.

the signboard u c saying welcome to crab island.

adult ticket is rm7

D scenery around the jetty while waiting for the express boat come.

TMC, Wen Ji, Charles n me......inside d boat

residents and students of crab island got special discount.

My fren wanting to ride a bicycle.

scenery upon arrival at crab island.

You can see many crustaceans on the mud.

welcome to crab island.

Pulau Ketam sukarelawan

Pulau Ketam BOMBA

MERDEKA road...???

The clinic kesihatan

The only police station on the island.

A signboard showing the map and landmarks of pulau ketam.

we entered this restaurant because it has more customers.haha

Suprisingly, we found an article which was written by charles's brother.

A gud lunch we had. But not many cooking style they had.

WE met other frens and my coursemates there.


They even set up a club for chess playing.

A resident repairing it's fishing net.

a back alley

the look of this fishing village.

tis little gal's ambition must be to perform in circus or she must be too bored in this island. HAHa


trying to get a gud photo of sthg.

Tis is wat they are taking photo of.
wonder why te crab only had one big 'kiap' , wont it cause imbalance??

dog scavanging for food.

wat is dat?? can it really work to tell d wind direction???



nice cloud with d dried up tree

dog dump, haha

As it was approaching CNY, even ppl in pulau ketam played CNY songs. haha

secondary school of d island

3rd road?? haha
weird names

we were vy shock to c maybank here.
the best maybank, haha

caught this water lily, vy pretty 1

ship building

my fren v the duno wat to cal it

a kid trying to fish ....

the only christian centre here among the many temples here. haha

they even have entertainment here: a PUB and LOUNGE

my fren must be in deep thoughts