Saturday, April 26, 2008

CNY 天后宫 & chap goh mei :)

THe year of rat again 2008....had a big REUNION dinner at New Paris, went tian hou temple with my housemates. I din go for ' pai pai' or praying purpose, but to enjoy the beautifully lid temple and CNY atmosphere.

Hehe, the 'lou sang' we ordered :)

Housemates reunion dinner 2008 , yeah!!!

okok, get your chopsticks ready.....everyone!!!

tossing raw fish salad with chopstick as high as possible to signify an upward growing business/studies/career/increasing health in the coming year.

Haha, ate finished the whole plate after tossing.

Next, are delicious delicacies........

We then went tian hou temple after our reunion dinner.

The place was beautifully decorated with many lanterns including the traditional red lanterns, as well those new designed lanterns of the 12 chinese horoscope.

The place looked so red and lighted with i guessed a thousand plus plus red lanterns....
really beautiful!!!

i pretty much like the view of the lanterns from bottom up :)

The place was crowded with people going to the temple for praying asking for prosperous year ahead.

My housemate making a prayer to ask for blessings.

walking the outer compound of the temple

on the highest floor, one can get a good view of the 'happening's below!!!This year they put up a big big mickey mouse lantern for the year of rat :)

I just like to look at the sea of lanterns.

Posing on top with Kl tower n KLCC.

On the last day, the 15th day of CNY- chap goh mei which is also famous for chinese valentine's day where people go to this amcorp mall nearby lake garden to throw and pick up mandarin oranges.

This was my 1st time going to see how was the throwing and picking up of mandarin oranges actually was carried out. Unfortunately, we went there quite late......the throwing and picking oranges ceremony has already ended.
Plus, we were stucked in a jam in a very narrow road in the nearby housing area. %#%##@$^

Amcorp mall...and the lake
Mandarin oranges not picked up!! ( gals will write their name, contact number on the orange surface and throw it into the lake and guys will pick them up to cal them up to c whether they found them soulmate or not!!)

Some games going on here, din really bother about it.
Many peeople were there, some siting, some standing staring at gals walking pass them, some pak toh, uncles, aunties also present there.

These were wishing boat, write your wish on the sail n light it up. Then put them in the lake, hoping that your wish may come true. It's a great view to see many little boats lighted up floating in the lake.

Had a nice reunion dinner and hope the year will be a good and prosperous and healthy year for me. Hope to get a scholarship to go oversea to study in the area i wanted. :P

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Slim River trip...Yeah!!! 26.01.2008

So bored!!! Where to go during this coming weekend?? pontian lar, pangkor lah, tanjung piai the end we departed to SLIM my coursemate whom is also my colleague's hometown!!

Driving all the way up to slim river, hehe, my senior on the left driving, we are going to the house of the gal siting behind in the middle :)

It took around 1 hour plus to reach our fren's shophouse.

Right after we reached, we were warmly welcomed by my fren's parents with a delicious lunch!! So pai sei....hehe. And oso home-made '' gui lin gao''.

After a big feast, we unpacked our stuff , then took what we needed and left for Lata Kinjang, a magnificent gigantic waterfall nearby.

It took another 30-40 mins of driving to Lata Kinjang, the waterfall is so big that one can even see it from the highway as well.

Hehe, my fren, WCS trying to be crocodile hunter, in fact, he like looking at flora and fauna vyvy much.

WCS took tis bug pic. VY nice!!

This is the downstream of the waterfall, one need to walk and climb the stairs up to the waterfall.

The waterfall.....isn't it nice leh.

Charles and TMC :)

WCS, what is he doing??

I'm trying to get in between the splashes....

Miss Yii Wen....enjoying..:)

At night, we went to the hot spring nearby.... this hot spring is way better than the Poring hot spring in kota was well maintained and cost us rm7 per person to enter....

Hehe, there even have a place hot enough to boil eggs, over 90 degrees....

Hehe, boiling the eggs we brought....

Yeah, the eggs are cooked, now we were siting soaking our legs in hot spring and enjoying our eggs.

Next morning, breakfast at nearby shops....

Photo with my fren's lovely family...:) before leaving for our next destination, another waterfall and then head back to KL.

Again before we leave, we were treated with a big feast again :)

We went to nearby slim river lake to take some photos...

And enjoyed the scene.

Hui Jia playing...

Next waterfall inside a kampung...

Haha, enjoying ourself and splasing each other.

Crocodile hunter found this empty shell of an insect. Look real, ain't they??

Dinner at yee kee restaurant...

another dinner again.....we had this famous pepper bee hoon, taste good :)
Haha, ate alot....

Thanx TMC!!! thanx alot. This is the first time i stepped into Perak besides the bus passing by on the way to penang. Really enjoyed!!!