Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To NSW(3): Blue mountains national park: Katoomba/Leura day2

Nothing could be better than this, woke up early to be greeted by the beautiful sunrise of Blue mountains.

of course i have to run here, haha

The cliff walls reflecting the early sunrise colour.

Sunrise view from the three sisters.
 IMG_1884 IMG_1897
IMG_1892  pano1

Wished i could sit there whole day, it’s such a nice spot!!!

The sun lighten up the whole Jamison valley!!!

After watching the sunrise, my next destination was finishing the prince henry cliff walk + Leura cascades.

Bottom right pic was the place that I managed to get myself out of the track the night before.
IMG_1937 IMG_1942

Parrot feather??
IMG_1945 IMG_1955

Walk walk walk all the way…
IMG_1957 IMG_1961
IMG_1962 IMG_1966

Love the yellow flowers so much!!
 IMG_1968 IMG_1972

Got to get out of the current track to the main road to connect to Federal pass to get to Leura.
IMG_1973 IMG_1976
IMG_1979 IMG_1980
 IMG_1983 IMG_1984

And there you go, the Leura cascades from far up top, got to get down there!!!!!
IMG_1986 IMG_2024
IMG_2025 IMG_2039

Different lookout points offer somewhat a different angle of the valley which can sometimes be very pretty!!!

Getting closer to the leura cascades!!! Yeah!!!!
IMG_2041 IMG_2042

LOVE these 2 pics i took on these bonsai like tree and its flowers!!!

On my way to upper Leura cascades…
IMG_2059 IMG_2067

And “tah dah!!!” The leura cascades is by far the prettiest cascades i have even seen before with all the coverings of ferns and bonsai like trees!!! Wished i could stay there longer but unfortunately my time was so limited :(
IMG_2075 IMG_2079

And next, down to the bottom of Leura cascades!!!.Crossing through slippery rocks and fern bower which look a bit prettier in some sense compared to Malaysia ferns because it’s not as dense as Malaysia ones.
IMG_2113 IMG_2115

Another “tah dah!!!” and I’m suprised to met another quite old korean couple doing meditation there, which shows how good is this spot!! Words just can’t express how beautiful the place is, and the pictures i taken too doesn’t really do the place justice!!!
IMG_2120 IMG_2126 

The water from the upper cascades flow over on top of this kinda massive rock and form the amazing falls and smaller cascades all over this massive rock.

The lower cascades is kinda surround by walls of sheer cliffs which is kinda nice!!!
IMG_2129 IMG_2158


Meditating near the falls was just simply AWESOME!!! The sound of water flowing, the freshness, the crisp cool air, the greenery around you just give you serenity and peacefulness!!!!

But again good times ended with my limited time, it’s time to get back to Katoomba to catch my bus to Blackheath, where another magical valley of walls and cliffs awaits me!!!!

Waiting for the bus near one of the grand hotel in Katoomba.