Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To NSW(13): 01.01.2010 Sydney harbour bridge walk, yeah!!!

The Sydney harbour bridge walk, I guessed it’s a must-do list while visiting Sydney. The experience of walking across the famous bridge and looking at the design of the bridge up close and all the good views from the bridge make the walk definitely worth the energy and time!!!

I also don’t know why i still have the energy left in me to do the walk after a late night NYE 2010, LOL. Anyway, enjoy the walk with me :)

The beginning of the walk starts from the rocks.
  IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3950

One have to climb some stairs to get to the cahill expressway where the bridge is.
IMG_3951 IMG_3952 IMG_3953
 IMG_3955 IMG_3956  IMG_3961
Saw this colourful rainbow lorrikeets when i got to the top of the stairs :)

The panoramic view from the top of staircase :) (click to see full size pic)
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

To NSW(12): 2010 new year eve in Sydney!!!

Wondered how I spent my new year eve for year 2010???
Did i have an awesome new year eve??
Here’s d story, haha.

Yes, I’m in SYDNEY with the famous iconic opera house and harbour bridge!!! How cool right?? haha, best of all…i have a chance to see some said the world’s best new year eve fireworks display here!!!

We managed to pull a few friends to go watch together. SK had seen it 2 times dy from Milson points, thus he suggested a switch of the vantage point to Mrs. Macquarie point which is said to be THE BEST vantage point with view of the opera house and harbour bridge from perfect distance.

The thing is Mrs.Macquarie point is the BEST and the WORST too, haha. Why?? Read on…

SK’s friend told him that one have to go queue up early morning to get entry and EARLIER to get the best/comfortable spot!!! Did you see what i just wrote?? Early morning!!! The fireworks is at midnight 12AM, yet you have to be there early morning!!!! KL also no need so early!!!

So in order to gain entry, we tried our best to get there as early as possible. Prepared our breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day.

Actually there are many vantage points around the harbour to view the fireworks (which I only realized how many they are after new year eve, LOL), though out of all, there are 5 top spots among them are Mrs.Macquarie point and Milsons point. Some you watch right under the bridge so you get to see the close shot of fireworks, some further so you get more overall view.

The map below from http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/nye/2010/VantagePoints/default.aspx show all the vantage points in red and all the fireworks locations. As you can see, I always thought the fireworks are mostly fire from the bridge, but apparently it is not (at least not 2010 NYE), there are shot from several locations including on boats along the harbour and from top of the buildings which to me is AWESOME!!!

Anyway, yup we got up, made our way all the way to Royal botanic garden where Mrs. Macquarie point is located inside. We got there by 10-11am and WERE SHOCKED!!! Totally shocked!!! WHy??

See the pictureS below……