Friday, September 17, 2010

Watching porn with projector??!!


Got invited by my postdoc to join him and his fellow mates/good buddies to enjoy a movie night. Haha, it’s not a simple movie night for 1 show but few shows continuously!! It’s something he and his mates tried to organize annually which works out as a gathering, munching, catching up & a night for MENS (away from family, babies,etc)!!! haha.

Basically it’s a movie + men night, LOL. I thought why not?? it’s a way to blend in and meet new people :).
The setting was in my postdoc’s dad’s house’s rumpus room. For those who don’t know what is a rumpus room?? (i don’t know too, lol). Rumpus room is A recreation room for noisy activities (parties or children's play etc).

They were pretty good in organizing the setup, one brought movies, one brought projector, another hi-fi…etc. And the rumpus room is really a good setting for laying around, lol. Kinda thinking bout doing the same when i get back to M’sia, instead of organizing outing, why not try something like this??

Then we ordered the pizzas for dinner. Everything setup and running, all good to go and we all sat in the couches and sit back to enjoy the show!!! haha.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 虎年 (1)

Well, finally make it to the year of 2010, lol. How has 2007, 2008 and 2009 been for me?? And what’s ahead in 2010 the year of tiger??

Been wanted to write this post for a while but my blog time line has not reach yet until now, lol.

I guessed the biggest thing that happened to me in 2008 cum 2009  was I finally got a scholarship that I worked hard for to try to further my study overseas, which was something I didn’t really anticipate too much but hope for so much.

2008 has been a year of confusion, lost and found. Grad in the end of 2007, it’s like u have been released and gain freedom from years of study (went KK), finally into the real world, but then things kinda never really work the way u thought naively. As soon as you realized you are free, you also realized you are not actually free, freedom and holidays are just temporary. And you always found yourself racing against time, against friends, against the ever changing society. E.g Before you even grad, some have went for job interviews, secure a job etc. U might think I think too much, but the fact is that’s the Malaysian society now. It’s just bizarre!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

To NSW(15): Random events n pic in Sydney :)

Random photos of random events took place while I’m in Sydney :)

Basketball!!! haha, didn’t thought i would play basketball there too ( a few times, coz easy to get to), haha. Better than in Adelaide lar, coz i din go join basketball club, so bought a ball that ended up in the cupboard, lol.

Heaps of batmen starting their afternoon shifts!!!

Buildings that looked funny, can’t remember what it is again, might be the powerhouse museum which i didn’t enter.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

To NSW(14): The last dinner at Lowenbrau, the rocks…

Everything has to come to an end, even though it’s a good one, as was my time in Sydney. No doubt, I had a FANTASTIC time in Sydney, met SK & WY, made other new friends I never thought would happened, seen most of what i wanted and planned to see. Even break the rule of NO GAMING in Sydney, playing dota till late midnight.Have not touch any game since I came over to Adelaide. It has been a GREAT 2-weeks spent over there, gained a lot which I didn’t anticipated, made me for once while in Australia MALAYSIAN again, haha. Those guys are all going back to Malaysia, except Jonanthan who remained there while I have to go back to reality again…

So many feelings and thoughts rushed through my head the night before my departure back to Adelaide while trying to zzzz. From a noisy, busy, happening house back to a four wall house…Found it hard to accept, LOL, like a dream shattered to pieces. Even though, I did spent quite a bit, but all well-spent and definitely NO REGRETS!!! yeah!!!

Anyway, life is back to normal and got more to catch up, to do, to focus on before you even realized, lol. Time never stop to wait for u...That’s life…