Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

MJ: KING OF POP!!!! undeniable fact !!!

When i was 5-6yrs old, i was already a super michael jackson fan.....,my parents, relative, brother's friends would have said i'm try to learn MJ dance and dance the moves.... I guessed MJ songs was hits everywhere, everyone includint my brother and relatives seems to own at least one or two album of his especially the album 'thriller' and 'bad', and playing those songs everywhere, that's how i got influenced and into the MJ era!!!

Funny though, i only have bought his album 'Dangerous', haha. Lucky that my brother bought the 'Bad' album and my cousin owned the 'History' album.

I'm definitely a fan of moonwalker.........i even finished played the SEGA MJ game, wahaha. Everytime MJ dance moonwalker, all the gangsters died in the game.

All the dance moves in smooth criminal MTV attracted me so much that i try to learn it and watched the clip several times. And i noe no one can dance so uniquely like him, all the moves were so ORIGINAl. There are many songs of his that i liked SOOOOOOO MUCH, however the favourite song remained smooth criminal mainly to his moonwalker movie and SUPERB dance moves though i liked bilie jean alot too.

I even listened to his Jackson 5 and his teen age albums, and they were all nice, never too old!!! Watched the movie where he started as Jackson 5 singing ABC and became solo. His teen song 'ben' was a hit.

I'm always and still a fan of MJ and his songs, no matter when and where i listen to them, his songs get me movinggggg!!! N i nvr care bout his personal life, wat so interesting bout his face plastics surgery and child stuff and marriage?? as along as he produce nice and good songs.

I thinked quite many forgot he sang some GOOD songs to relay message about poverty - heal the world, hindrance - they don't really care about us, making a change on yourself - man in the mirror, saving nature - earth song, written the song "we are the world"......

Anyway just wana said RIP MJ, u r a legend:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Forecast of rat in year of ox!!!

What are the overall rat forecasts in the Year of the Ox?

Feng shui masters have predicted that for people who are born in the Year of the Rat in 2009 will have to face some challenges in this Ox Year. The rats will have the Combine Grand Duke Star in their Life Palace in 2009.

The influence of this inauspicious star will have the same effects as the Grand Duke Star. For rats who have many happy events in 2008, then 2009 will continue to be more or less the same for you. If you hardly have any celebratory events in 2008, then this Year of the Ox will have many challenges that are waiting for you and you must be prepared for this outcome. The rat in 2009 will see the emergence of 2 lucky stars namely the Grand Duke Combination Star and the Heavenly Noble Star. The 2009 feng shui rat tips indicate that the Grand Duke Combination Star will bring in help from Noble People who will give you a lot of helpful advice and assistance. This lucky star for rat in 2009 will allow them to have good ralationship with people and they will be free from petty people

In 2009, people who are born in the year 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008 ie the rat people, will receive a lot of support from families and friends due the existence of the Heavenly Noble Star. Although the Year of the Ox may not be a spectacular year for the rat, help form Noble People will prove to be invaluable and your talents will be noticed and be appreciated.

The 2009 feng shui tips for rat indicate that the rat people will have to face 2 unlucky stars namely the Mo Yue Star and the Sickness Charm Star. The Mo Yue Star will make you feel uncomfortable due to your surroundings and that you might find it hard to accept this condition initially and rats will have not so good health luck in 2009 as there may be some minor health problems waiting for you. As for the career luck for rats in the Year of the Ox, there will be a lot changes as there may be desires for you to change jobs. Things may not look so bad if you stay and work at your present office since you may receive plenty of help from Noble People. Change job only if there is no improvement at your current place or if the company you are working for is facing some difficulties.
What are the wealth luck for rats in Ox Year? Since 2009 denotes a year of change for the rats, your wealth luck will also be affected. If you own a business, your wealth will change for the better. You will come out with new ideas and obtain more revenue for your business. If you are working for someone else, you may want to start your own business. Make sure that your business is related to things you are familiar with. Rats should try not to make any short-term investments since your indirect wealth is influenced by the Combine Grand Duke Star. The relationship star for those who are born in the Year of the Rat looks to be good in 2009. Just married couples may expect an extra member to their family and rats who have just ended a relationship may find a new partner in Ox Year. There might be a few petty people around you but try to ignore these people. Health wise may be not too good for rats in 2009, so do exercise extra caution and take good care of your health. Text taken from

SHUD i believe???

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hahndorf, little German village among Adelaide hills……

IMG_6325 (Old cart symbolism of handorf)

Hahndorf was established in 1839 and is a small town with a village type atmosphere.

Hahndorf is one of the most famous towns in the Adelaide hills and Australia's oldest surviving Germanic settlement. Hahndorf is also a unique State Heritage Area being listed by the National Estate. Some of the town's old buildings in the Main Street have been restored and converted into galleries and shops while still retaining the basis of their original features. Unfortunately, many others have been demolished, or inappropriate additions or alterations have been made, all in the name of 'progress'. Having been a popular tourist destination for many decades has resulted in Main Street providing facilities which cater mainly to the tourist trade. Thus those remaining old buildings which were once houses, barns, stables etc now have only some semblance of their original features and style. Most have newer facades and additions applied by later generations (info from


This famous town thus became my main priorities to visit. Set out on the weekend and while waiting for the bus going into the Adelaide hills, i saw these cyclist, a whole group of them, like i mentioned before, cycling is common in Adelaide and in fact encouraged with bicycle lanes. And also soon the tour down under riding competition is going be held here in Adelaide, thus many cyclist pop up.


IMG_6450 IMG_6412

Excited that I’m here in the famous little German village of Hahndorf!!! Another small trip among the Adelaide hills. The countryside smell and look just took me over. The little brick cottages, deciduous trees planted along the road, is so pretty. It’s not a busy street but with many tourist and locals traveling here to enjoy a relaxing and romantic time.

IMG_6413IMG_6323 IMG_6405IMG_6377

All those pretty flowers planted in wooden barrel type pot, restaurants, cafes makes this village very attractive and definitely a retreat from the busy life in CBD. One can enjoy German cuisines and bakeries here.


Even the signs of shops, buntings and decos around the street are so beautiful and colourful.


This whole place is full of culture and heritage, with historic architectural buildings that resembles the europe but blend in with local flavour. haha.

Hahndorf has plenty of souvenir shops, craft outlets and galleries, including the Hahndorf Academy - a regional centre for the arts and heritage based in a charming 150-year-old building.

This shop below has so many displays neatly arranged and display this elegant like glass cupboards. There are crafts on dogs, queen elizaberth, fairies, angels, xmas……, looking at them just made me wished i owned them…haha.

IMG_6331 IMG_6332 IMG_6335IMG_6328

Ottos bakery, typical german bakery?? i duno and i cant tell, wahaha, the meat pie i have was not dat nice compared to the one i had in Port Elliot. Din try other stuff though i saw sthg sthg german bakery on the menu…, pretty conservative?? no money le…wahaha. I heard from my fren that they roast pork too in BBQ, but too bad, i’m traveling alone, couldn’t affort to have the whole pork to myself…haha.

IMG_6342 IMG_6341IMG_6345

Came across this india crafts shop, the ‘ting ting tang tang’ inside looks nice, and what attracted me the most is the cow bells, they come in a variety of shapes and looks nice when hang with other ornaments like the picture below. These cow bells will be used as noise makers by clanging them during the tour down under bike race to cheer the racers which is a bike racing tradition.

IMG_6346 IMG_6348

Halfway exploring, these 2 huskies suddenly caught my eyes, so excited to get to see these dogs which i think one will never see them in Malaysia. And it so happened that the dog owner is so friendly that she actually allowed me to pat and touch those dogs and convinced me that these huskies are very friendly dogs….N to my amaze, these dogs are just so friendly and have nice fur to touch…and looks so pretty…i was like OMG, i actually not only get to see these dogs but ALSO get to pat and take picture with them…wahaha. Another unexpected reward of Hahndorf trip. Those dogs also got very excited over the smell of my half eaten meat pie, wahaha. I just kept looking at the dogs, but knew very well, i have to keep walking…to finish my trip.

IMG_6350 IMG_6352

Some other souvenirs shops…..opal, potteries……etc

IMG_6353 IMG_6354 IMG_6355

One of the most interesting shop is the puppet shop….this was the first time i actually saw and entered a shop selling only puppets. And the shop sell varies of puppets, from small to big, from finger to hand juggling puppets. There’s also pinocchio puppet, hehe. Those puppets looks very attractive when they are put together, just like dolls. The thought of sound of music puppet show by the Von Trapp family came directly into my mind, the way they sing and play the puppets together.

IMG_6359IMG_6358 IMG_6364IMG_6360 IMG_6362IMG_6361 IMG_6363

Along the walk, came across all these different decos and this one below on the right, circle of frienship :) yeah, frens forever!!!

IMG_6366 IMG_6368

Went into one of the shop selling cookies, nuts, …..and jars of jams from Beerenberg brand, a famous local brand which owns a strawberry farm not far from the town.

IMG_6370 IMG_6373 IMG_6375 IMG_6376

There’s also a shop selling leather producst ranging from different design of belts, badges, keychains, jackets, pants….

IMG_6378IMG_6379 IMG_6381 IMG_6382IMG_6385IMG_6386

There’s also a shop selling aboriginal art called ancient earth, showcasing varies aboriginal art and crafts, i was surprised to find that alot of aboriginal drawings are very abstract and often portray what they had in mind, god, dreams….vy interesting art indeed and vy pretty too….but the price are SOOOOOOOOOOO cheap…..wahahha.


IMG_6403 IMG_6404 IMG_6400

Came across a shop which name german village shop, but not german at all….wahaha, should delete off the german word, but they do sell some copyright antique clocks which too bad, i’m not allowed to take pics of.

Went pass the adelaide hills artist market, but nthg interesting too, haha.


This shop sell quite alot of souvernirs made of recycle stuff….i can only take photos of those display outside….those art showed how creative ppl are getting to be.

IMG_6407 IMG_6409

Heart shape opals?? very attractive and not exp too.

IMG_6420 IMG_6419

One of the local attractions is the hahndorf academy which now houses the Heritage Museum, a fine art gallery and interpretive centre.

IMG_6426IMG_6425 IMG_6428

Another interesting use of wine bottles….look how creative ppl are. These steel decorated wine bottles each fetch a price of over hundred bucks…..which is not surprising, they look like a very fine and delicate art, i like to have one, haha.

IMG_6430 IMG_6435 IMG_6441IMG_6442 IMG_6433

After explored the town, i walked all the way down to the Cedars, former home and studio of artist Sir Hans Heysen, which is still owned by the Heysen family. It houses a fine collection of paintings and drawings displaying Heysen's remarkable versatility in subject and medium. Also on the grounds, see Heysen's working studio, his painting materials and tools, sketches, notes and more.

At first glance on the map, the cedars, dun seem far from the main road, but i found myself very tired and exhausted walking all the way to the Cedars, almost gave up…haha, maybe because i’m tired after walking around the hahndorf street and lack of exercise dy.

Funny though, came across the “PAIN ROAD”, the first thinking came into my mind was Naruto’s Pain character, wahahha. Wondered why it’s called pain road? and whether residents living down that road suffered alot of pain that they named it pain road!!!! wahaha.

IMG_6451 IMG_6452

Finally after walking for 20-25mins uphill and downhill, i saw the signboard indicating To the Cedars, i felt so relieved as i nearly gave up and turned back. The dried and hot weather worsen my walk. Wanted to stop car that pass by…haha but just didn’t do so.

IMG_6454 IMG_6457

This Cedar look beautiful when i saw it, and contains a garden, the heysen old house, and a reception house to welcome visitors which also showcase some of Heysen daughter’s art and selling of art, books and postcards relevant to Sir Han Heysen. As i arrived quite late dy, i missed the opportunity to visit the Heysen house and only allowed to visit the studio which Sir Hans Heysen spent alot of his time in there working on his MASTERPIECES ( real masterpieces). And i was prohibited from taking any pictures at all.

It was a good experience to actually have the chance to look at the studio of a GREAT artist, all the things he used, the enviroment, letters, some original art display inside, unfinished pieces…..really interesting.

IMG_6458 IMG_6469

This place is also home to rearing of cows, and have a vast area of grass, plenty of trees and especially Sir han Heysen’s favourite gum trees, making it a good place for the artist to think, focus, and create his masterpieces which alot were drawn on barns, cows, gum trees, the everyday life of hahndorf….etc.

IMG_6461 IMG_6466

A tiring day but filled with excitement :).