Monday, January 26, 2009

Wild down under - South Australia: Adelaide....

A new horizon across the the continent of Australia...

Big plots of land across South Australia(SA).

A bird's eye view over Adelaide.

Adelaide city is a city surrounded by parks, owed to the clever design to make it green. THus, thereare many parks in the city centre for Adelaide ppl to stroll or sit around and enjoy.

Finally touchdown in Adelaide...yeah!!

Wide variety of cars: BMW, Toyota, honda,etc,.....hmmm, there is still a car logo which i cant recognise at all, it has a lion in the logo. Those cars look spacious and not bad....wonder zit an australian car? do australia make their own cars?? haha.

Hilton Adelaide near Victoria Square.

The street that i stayed for the 1st 2 months. A quiet st during weekdays, yet just right the north junction corner, the Edinburgh castle hotel (i dun think it's a hotel at all) come into life.....and's a pub+ club + bargain market(during certain occasions).

Gray St looking south

Gray st looking north. The Edinburgh Castle hotel is just right the left corner with the greyish brown double storey builiding.

My luggage and stuff while waiting for the agent to open the door....hehe, it was 7.30AM. Gosh, i still remembered it was damn chilly out there. Must be 18-20C out there.

Australian post.....

Australian public phone. Dun be surprised to see graffiti everywhere even on the shop entrance, windows....

Bus stop sign and some signs which untill now i have no idea of especially that S sign there.

Press this and wait for your turn to cross the road....which is quite good on busy roads, and it sounds when it's safe to cross the road, which i think is used to help those blinds....

I think i'm pretty lucky to come in the right time, at least these beautiful purplish flowers were blooming all over.....creating a beautiful sight with those old buildings of Adelaide.

Those trees blooming look pretty, dun they??

Bus stop signboard, which is clear and decent. They even got a bus time schedule for reference. The best thing is the bus come on time.

The famous North Terrace...with bustling streets, cafes, arcades, malls and tourist attractions.

This is the Art gallery of SA. It is a big collection of arts and masterpieces which alot was bought over by the goverment from private owners....haha, i went in and overwhelmed by the galleries inside, then exit as i knew i need alot of time for me to appreciate every piece of art display....

SA musuem. This was the first time i saw maple trees....haha. They are really beautiful trees, with the leaf shape, after picking quite a few of them back home, i do found that only those older leaves have nicer patterns which you normally see on the canadian national flag. The SA musuem and art gallery are constantly changing with different themes which i think is good. SA musume now has "hatching the past" dinosaur exhibition (need $ for entry), and the art gallery is showcasing the famous Hans Heysen's art ( need $ also).

I remembered WCS used to say how good to have grass like those in other europe universities, where one can sit down under a tree and read a book, take a rest, peep at gals.......wahaha. And ya, you can do tat here. Those grass was maintained properly and ya, because of the weather here, there are not damp like those back in M'sia.

Another good thing to learn and implement by M'sia goverment, chairs or bench on the street, they are pretty useful....after a long walk, you can sit down and rest for a while.....haha, of course, maybe the tropical weather of M'sia is harder to install all these.

The SA state library, which i spent quite alot of my time even untill 10pm at night for hotspot although the library usually close at 8pm latest. haha, you dun feel scare coz the daylight saving had the sun shinning till 9pm, and ya, it's pretty safe city.

Some flowers and plants of North Terrace. These plants were really taken care with proper underground water irrigation which makes them doesn't dried out.

The SA parliament.

Gigantic statues and memorials along the north terrace...

This one is the back of Matthew Flinders, the vovayer that found SA.

Malaysia national airline: MAS...haha

The famous Rundle Mall........terraces of shops and cafes and arcades.......Shop till you drop here. There are no BIG malls here, but just moderate ones....which i think is pretty enough to cater all the adelaide ppl.

On weekends, this rundle mall is bustling street, with street performers here and there. You'll see old and young and vy young kids perfoming for $$. I'm quite impressed with the kids, they have the courage to perform in the public, with violin, keyboard, saxophone...etc.

Beautiful little flowers makes the streets look just nice!!!

This huge crowd was taken on the BIG year end sale. Everythings was on discount, some even half price. TOo bad i have no money to buy a suit for myself, it was half price, DAMN it.

SA's famous Haigh's chocolates....they do taste good. Not cheap of course. enter b4....haha. Located above the famour railway station.

Somemore of these pretty petals on another street. There are heaps of these flowers.

Adelaide is also a city of churches....there are many many churches, big and small, old and comtemporary......some as old as the 1800.....those buildings are just awesome to look at.

One of the park, this one is colonel Light's park.

Another attractions are all those clock towers, they quite a number of them. They really look antique and beautiful.

The only tram in Adelaide city....

You get free ride in the tram for certain places.....

Well, the sports the aussies do is quite different from Asians, they skate, cycle, playing with bike, surf, volleyball........which i found that, hmmm......i except cycling nthg else interest me much. haha. It's hard to found a basketball court here, or worse still ping pong and badminton court. U get alot of tennis court and ovals for playing cricket or football( the american type).

Surprisingly, at night there are horse patrols.....strange, isn't it?

Haha, the moon is bigger, but not as big as those i wanted to c which is often show in tv shows.