Thursday, March 8, 2012

2010-12-23 Around Adelaide day 2

The second day of the trip, you bring people to where most people would normally go. To see the icons of Australia. 

But before that, we dropped by the big bridgewater mill which is kinda cool to look at for 1 min?? 

Well, the pictures speaks itself, my friend here just enjoyed her time with the icons, as you can tell by the pure smile and joy when she fed the roos, haha. Although i must say here she was a bit frightened by them in the 1st place, as some of them were quite BIG, they can stand on both legs and be taller than ya!! And it's understandable for my friend who was given a high school ticket price!!! haha. But i think i must applaud her courage to try to feed the emu, and she's lucky that she found a tame emu!!! haha.