Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life without “Friends”…

536eecee295b92db6b32194e269541f8Just finished 10 seasons of Friends sitcom. OMG, can’t believe I did that. It was like being addicted to morphine. Watched the first 5 seasons continuously sometime ago, then hid the remaining so that I stopped watching, then now another 5 seasons just like that, weekends & weekdays. Can’t believe I’m coming to the final episode of the finale, I am SO gona miss it SO MUCH!!! :(

1165I don’t know why but Friends have such a strong attraction and impact on me. Love it since when I am a kid though I have only watched some episodes of it, but each episode can be a stand-alone sitcom that still connects to you and make you laugh!

friends-nbcAnd even worse now, after so many years later, having watched the whole series, it’s still as AMAZING as ever and no other at all. Nothing can be compared to it. Every unique and different character just drawn you into their life so easily and no single character outshine or dominate the series.

cast2Best of all, no matter how many fights or pranks or hurts that happened in their 10 years of “friends” life, the sitcom clearly shown and bring out the message that nothing beat FRIENDSHIP and LOVE!!!! Friendship that everyone cherish with tears and laughter. Six totally extreme different characters with a bond that binds them together in happiness and hardships = friendship.         Friendship that last even after “Friends”!!!

Friends-Complete-Seasons-1-10-DVD-Red-Box-Set-3Though some part of the sitcom is a bit outrageous to me and might never happen in our life, I wished I can live a life of one of the character in there, haha. The sitcom make me pondered did I ever have such close friends so far!!! Luckily I can said yes I do, though for a very short period i guessed instead of what the 6 main characters in “Friends” have for 10 years at least, always hanging out together, everything related.

alg_friends_sitcomThe sitcom not only brought laughter and tears to me, but also lessons to be learned about friends and love.

Friends-cast_0Of all the characters, I like Chandler the most; perhaps because I’m a bit like him…haha, love to play pranks and a bit of touch of sarcasm. The last 5 season of “Friends” saw Chandler’s character evolved into a mature character that not only remains funny but stable, charming & loving in its own way.

This sitcom will be one of my favourite for all time, wish I could have friends that I could hang out like In “Friends” till old, haha. And love as sweet as in “Friends”, LOL.

Not many TV characters enter our living room and our hearts like “Friends” ……We grew to care about the "Friends" characters beyond their ability to make us laugh. The relationships, the parents, the weddings, the baby--we've followed their lives as if the gang really did hang out at the corner coffee shop (newsweek).

Wish there can a movie sequel to “friends” series or more seasons for me to watch, LOL.

This reminds me HOW MUCH I MISSED many of my dear friends!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2009 GG+YKG+QS lab X’mas gathering :)

It’s that time again for a joyous celebration of X’mas, yeah!!!

It’s our lab tradition for a relaxing gathering of lab members somewhere before Xmas, last year was at Belair National Park.

2009 was back to GG+YKG’s house.

And everyone was supposed to bring something, real food, bakeries, desserts or salads. Last year i brought fruits, this year was quite similiar except it’s Mango sweet bowl (芒果西米露)!!!!

I have to look it up in the internet to learn how to make it, fortunately, my housemate from HK knows how too :). Bought the ingredients and the pictures below tell the story :P

First time make mango sweet bowl was not so bad, and very FUN!!!

Got to boil the sago… and filtered and boil a whole pot of water+coconut milk+rock sugar+filtered sago…

Got to cut cube shapes of sweet mango… luckily my HK friend show me an easy good technique to cut the cubes, lol.
IMG_1244 IMG_1246

In the end, just mix some cut mangoes(kept separate) into the boiled syrup, let it cold in fridge and ready to go!!!:). 

TASTED AWESOME!!!!! Felt very proud and excited after tasting it. Of course, big thanks to my HK housemate for helping out whole night :)

Greg’s house was a pretty one with a big front yard plus a tiny basketball court, a ping pong table, enough room for playing cricket and best of all, a beautiful shady vine-grown verandah. I just love it!!!
IMG_1250IMG_1251 IMG_1252

The vines growing nicely providing a shade for us having our meal below, haha. Tashy Tash with Phil’s newborn baby girl, Hannah!!!

Andy with Hannah too!!! It’s a good time here, as we got to see the kids playing around, haha.

Phil playing ping pong with Thomas!!! The kids were all getting excited, haha especially Thomas. Now he got little Andrew, Declan, Bethany to play around :).

Andy really like kids i think, haha. He spent quite a lot of time with the kids playing ball ball.
Cam’s kids are just so cute to me, haha. Their face always looked so innocent :)

Bethany and Thomas always laugh and very playful :)

Tash, Andy and me playing cricket, haha. At least I did learned a bit from them and the rules and bowling :)
IMG_1287IMG_1298IMG_1288 IMG_1290

Greg handling all the bbq stuff, thx greg!!!

And finally we can sit down for the great meal!!!

Chatting, laughters, jokes, serious stuff…etc. It was undeniable one of the best time of the lab!!!!
IMG_1315 IMG_1319IMG_1320

Everyone just love Hannah, everyone wants a picture with her, LOL.

And after some real food, the long awaited desserts!!!

Phil made the toblerone chocolate cheese cake!!! VERY DELICIOUS and YUMMY!!! Hope to make it myself one day if i got all the bakery tools (lower left pic).

Andy made his specialty chocolate cake with all the ferrero rocher chocolates on top!!! Certainly one of the prettiest cake I have seen (middle pic). Michaela just love it!!! (bottom right pic).

Good time are always short, haha. Bethany and Hannah love my mango sweet bowl that Phil tapao back, haha. It was really a great time with lots of laughters!!!
IMG_1341 IMG_1342

2009 Days b4 Xmas

Random snapshots of Adelaide during the month of November and December 2009 :)

No idea what the parade was, but it’s a weird and funny one, haha.
IMG_0168 IMG_0170
IMG_0171 IMG_0172

It’s the Jacaranda blossom again, the whole city lit up in light purple everywhere!!!! Love this flowers!!!
IMG_0210 IMG_0209

It’s festive season again, same deco being put up again with some different one from last year.
 IMG_0195IMG_0196 IMG_0198 IMG_0200

Flower shots behind my house back yard :)

Last year’s xmas present from Phil – Haigh’s choc, sampai sekarang baru HAVE to eat, otherwise expired, haha. Too bad I can’t keep it.

Started to collect some australia first day covers, and the one right below was my very first one i collected which marks the 2009 X’mas, yeah!!!!
IMG_0648 IMG_0650