Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ah Kam Heng dai’s stopover in Adelaide 20th May 2010


It was quite an exciting day, for the first time, a friend from Malaysia visited me (not actually visit, but meet up, lol) in Adelaide, some more a good hend dai (bro) lagi, worse lagi, it’s like almost 2 years we have not seen each other, so it’s kinda really great opportunity to catch up. He’s such a busy guy with his job that only occasionally we chat with one another. What’s even better, it was the 1st time i drove in Australia, haha.

And he so happened to stopover ONLY for a night in Adelaide, though short, but enough to for a decent catch up.

So we drove to the Adelaide hills, it was still autumn though the weather wasn’t really great, mt.lofty view was bit obscured and gloomy, nothing much to see for a guy like him with his job, haha.

Initially thought of bringing kam to see the roos and drop bears, etc, but only to find out that day he have seen those icons in Perth, so we changed our idea to just driving around Adelaide hills which turned up to be a nice one!!!! Especially through the windy roads of Piccadilly and the town of Uriadla. It’s also the first time i saw the golden yellow colour vineyards!!! Pretty views!!!

IMG_7144 IMG_7151 

I told Kam that i really love the drive on that day, with the fresh fallen autumn leaves coming down with strong winds, the fallen leaves blanketed across the road and both sides of the road. It just felt like the scene which always captivate my minds, where car advertisements show the ang mohs enjoying their drive in the country side of Europe, the fallen leaves !!!! It’s just a pity my car wasn’t a sport car, or a convertible car which the roof can retract and fold away so that i can enjoy the nature and breeze, haha. Still i was very contented with the drive!!!


Michael & Pike See’s farewell lunch 16th May 2010

IMG_7128 IMG_7129
I got to know Michael and Pike See from Xiao some what a year ago, it has always been great with their accompany. The couple are very sociable lovable people and always making jokes, gossiping sometimes, etc, haha. Well, now they have to go back Malaysia and work. So it’s WAS time for a farewell which was held in Xiao’s nice apartment again, this time having steamboat.

Thanks to Xiao and Wayne for all the preparations, the food was YUMMY in more china chinese steamboat style. First time I tasted a different blend of sauces mixed together to go together with the steamboat food!!! Surprisingly the mixed sauce goes very well with steamboat food and apparently that’s how the chinese in China have steamboat, compared to Malaysians with just chili/tomato/soya sauce…etc. We even have the frozen blood on the menu, and again they tasted awesome!!!


In return, Michael and Pike See brought a chocolate chip cake, which tasted very delicious but unfortunately, most of us were so full from the steamboat food and could only have a small taste of the cake, haha.

Thanks to the 2 hosts again, Xiao and Wayne!!!!
 IMG_7134 IMG_7137

Finally a group photo together with one of Xiao’s favourite piece of art featuring a beautifully painted fish behind!!!

Hope to meet Michael & Pike See when i get back to M’sia, till then Folks!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hallet cove again May 2010

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Brought Chung and Josie to Hallet cove, a place i have come back numerous times!!!

Again will let the pics do the talking :)
IMG_6917 IMG_6932
IMG_6941 IMG_6995

2010 Adelaide hills Autumn

click the above photo for enlarge size!!!

A weekend with 2 housemate and Chung to the Adelaide hills botanic garden, one of the must visit during Autumn!!!

Unfortunately, this year the we didn’t make it there on the very precise time, some trees’ leaves already fallen, while some were still green, but we still have a great time there!!!!

Well, this time I’ll just let the pictures do the talking, enjoy folks!!!
IMG_6728 IMG_6736

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fleurieu Peninsular + AUMC Victor Harbour-Goolwa bike trip 24-25th Apr 2010

A weekend trip with Jono + AUMC Victor Harbour bike trip. The Saturday weather have not been kind with clouds with some showers the whole morning.

IMG_6452 So we ended up driving down to Victor Harbour near afternoon. Thankfully, the weather was clearing up by the time we got to Newland head conservation park. The sea was still quite rough and windy.

We started off straight for the coastal trail at a very fast pace!!! 7km/hr, according to Jono’s GPS!!! (Jono setting up the GPS in the bottom pic)

2 roos along the trail.
IMG_6457 IMG_6464

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crazy midnight walk+run up & down Mt.lofty summit

IMG_6415 IMG_6417 IMG_6419
Did this crazy walk cum run up & down mt.lofty summit from waterfall gully with Jono on 22th Apr 2010.

It just so happened that Jono felt like doing some exercise and so wanted to walk up to mt.lofty summit and i tagged along as i have never done that trek before especially during night time!!!

NOT TOO hard but not easy though to try to keep up with Jono’s pace, lol.

We checked up the scaffoldings along the way that were used to build new stairs, nthg special though, haha.

But the view on top was nice though Adelaide is quite flat, but still the experience was new and the view was different with all the lights!!!
IMG_6443  pano3

Again something that i would not do it alone and only will do it with these crazy daring mates!!! haha

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SA outback wilderness: Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park day 3-5

“Eddie, get up!!!!” said Alex.

Immediately, I got out of my sleeping bag and the next thing i saw was this SPECTACULAR SUNRISE!!!!!!

It’s one of the BEST SUNRISE i have ever seen!!!!
IMG_6182 IMG_6183