Thursday, June 26, 2008

MT Irau and Mt Brinchang 04.05.2008

Well, i heard my frens went to cameron highlands to climb Mt. Irau not long ago, and i was browsing through the next peak to climb in the net. I was stunned by the beauty of the pictures taken by some good and lucky photographers of Mt Irau. Instantly, Mt. Irau became my next most anitcipated destination and i written on my msn. anyone interested in Mt.Irau?
I also contacted Randy, my fren who just went to Mt Irau for details. Suprisingly, they have not reach the peak, saying they turned back half way. He and his frens are also very eager to climb that mountain a second time to reach the peak. So, in the end Randy and me planned the trip. Although this trip was postponed several times, haha, we all made ourself available in the end.

Here we are: Me, Randy, Tiger, Kang Wei & wei Keat at Kang traveller's lodge. Booked 2 room which was quite affordable and cheap. We travelled all the way from PJ at night up to Cameron. Reached there around 1pm.

The lodge is quite well furnished with travel information, where to go, pic, brochures..etc.

There's even a bar, a pool, a campfire site....etc. Pretty well managed and beautiful.

Haha, another attractive part to some travellers are the variety of wild orchids planted here. This is what they call the tiger orchid, with its long flower shoots and sugarcane like leaf.

We had a gud sleep to make sure we have the energy to make it to the top of Mt. Irau the next day. We had our breakfast early early in the morning. Saw this " guai lou"?? He is a French Canadian. Very funny person we met at the lodge and expressed interest to join us to Mt Irau. Funny eh? A loner and a stranger in a foreign land said OK, ya sure, include me in, no fear of being cheated or .....he has been travelling in backpack style for a couples of months, went to a few South East Asia countries.

Early sun rays....breaking the dawn

The road up to the starting point of the trek followed the path to Boh cameron valley factory and plantation but goes separate ways at a junction. One will get to enjoy the beautiful tea plantation along the way.

Finally we reached Mt Brinchang, hehe. Not by foot but by wheels....hehe. There is a communication station on top.

Yeah.....!!! :)

The view on top of Mt Brinchang..

We got up the tower nearby to get these superb view.......really stunning!!!!
I just LOVE it!!!

See the halo??

OK, enough of Breathtaking views, it's time to CLIMB into the forest of elven and dwarf ( just like the path shown in the Lords of The Rings), the mossy forest.

See? Mosses growing on a tree bark.

A photo shot together. Look at the Randy with the funny hat on him....

The trek ain't no easy, quite muddy and wet. Randy got stuck in the mud....SOS please. haha

Wild mushrooms...

Another shot.....

Wild orchids...

Wow, we have travelled so far from the station, But we are no where near Mt. Irau yet

Orchids again, i love orchids

Finally we reached a flat rest point....all of us were gasping and asking:" are we there yet?? is this the peak??" Only the "guai lou" said:" wow u guys are good, incredible....common let's move on."
We all don't think he was tired at all.....he was like' no feel', haha.

Picher Plants grown everywhere on higher terrain.

We knew we were not on the peak....this is just a campsite with rubbish scattered around. The little sidetrails everywhere confused us and we had to track abit to find the correct trail to Mt.Irau. Finally we we found one that seems to be the most likely road to Mt.Irau.

More and more mossy trees...

After a long long climb and walk, i guessed 4 hours. We finally make it to the top of Mt Irau. Hurray!!!

This peak is unique in the sense that half of the peak belong to Perak while the other half to Pahang!!

Haha, Randy trying show his muscularity with the "quai lou"

This is the view on top, unfortuntely this is the only place allowed viewing. Coz the others are all surrounded by lush bushes.

The view was quite beautiful though not as beautiful as the view from the tower at Mt Brinchang. But I love it too!!!

Randy trying to make fire with a bunsen burner...haha

Kang wei making his coffee...:)

We had several attempt to make a fire out of the resources found there, but failed due to the dampness of the area and tress. The best we did, was a small fire that burned out in 10 minutes.

Yeah...we conquered Mt Irau.

Saw another orchid on the way down.

Wo wo....u looked dirty....wei keat, haha

U need a wash too!!!

The quai lou's shoes

haha, so who is the dirtiest of all?


Nice trip...really enjoyed it....though we planned to camp on top to watch the sunrise and sunset....but luckily we din...guessed we are not prepared yet. haha. Thanks to ya all. And thanx to the quai lou for giving us the energy to climb because we must showed u we are not " dong ya bing fu", and thanx for all the jokes and all the FUCK here and there, ur french vulgar words, SHIT here and there and all the perfume from your ass........hahahha. We enjoyed your accompany!!!