Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tasmania, the hidden jewel of Australia 2010/08/01-15 Day2

It’s always nice waking up to the gentle warm sunlight, the birds chipping, and find that you are surrounded by mother nature!!!!

The peaceful morning ….isn’t it amazing?? The morning sun rays cutting through the trees, love it!!!! This was where we parked our car to get into Mt.Field national park for our early morning walk.

Kinda freezing cold!!!

IMG_8094 IMG_8096

One of favourite macro shot of morning dew in crystal ice :)

Tasmania, the hidden jewel of Australia 2010/08/01-15 Day1

The name of Tasmania somehow is not very popular among Asians i think, more people would think of New Zealand, or most people would know Sydney, melbourne, perth rather than Tasmania. However, Tasmania is a well known destination for those who knows how to find it, love relaxing, love adventure,  basically the hidden jewel of Australia.

This state have the biggest coverage in terms of designated national parks, almost half of the island is protected now. What’s more impressive is that one of

Tasmania's World Heritage sites cover an area of 1.38 million hectares - about 20% of the Island.
It includes the Southwest National Park, the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park,  the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, the Hartz Mountain National Park, Mole Creek Karst National Park, the eastern end of Macquarie Harbour on the west coast and the Central Plateau Conservation Area.

That 20% of island, its many beaches, unique landscapes and a few more world heritage sites is what makes Tasmania a must visit to Australia and the hidden jewel of Australia.

In early Aug i have a chance to step foot on Tasmania, which kinda turned out to be one of my best and memorable trip in Australia. The chance came when Alex will be in Tassie for 1 month to play bridge for SA. The best thing was he’s gonna bring his car over and that means extra flexibility in turn of plans. Jono and I seize the chance to go over and meet Alex and do some serious hiking.

Some people would say: if you can’t get to New Zealand, go Tasmania. Some people would argue NZ is better while some reckon Tassie is better, lol.

It’s a trip that require some planning in advance. Shit things happened before the trip, like Tiger airline cancelled off all the flight between Hobart and Adelaide, so my return flight was cancel but luckily we managed to sus thing out which turn out to be a unique one too in the end.

This trip was the week right after my departmental seminar, and kinda work out as a 2 week escaping trip for me.

IMG_7957 IMG_7958