Saturday, December 10, 2011

The GREAT preparation of 2010

The GREAT long road trip of 2010. 
Preparation and preparations before hand!!! 
Stay tune ^.^

2010 CCB and Lab X'mas

 I know these photos are a bit too late, haha. It's 2011 X'mas now and yet i'm uploading 2010 X'mas??!! oh well...., LOL

CCB X'mas bbq
It was a nice one, though i missed the one this year, haha. I really like this kind of open party/bbq, just sitting on the ground (some people brought chairs). It's a day of good food, beer and wine!!! And the day you'll see people letting loose!!!

Some people played Frisbee, the photo above showed people playing soccer, and it was fun. haha. Even our CCB director, Angel Lopez joined in with his Argentinian skill!!! It's the first time i saw Angel outside of his usual smart attire and playing sport!!! Soccer is the world game, hey??!!

Next up, was the Goodall-Khew Goodall lab X'mas. Each time of the year this time, i have headache on what should i bring, haha. I'm not a good cook, neither am a good baker of any sorts. In the end, i brought marinated satays from the central market, easy, haha. 

2010_12_19 Stella creek cherry picking

Cherries cherries!!!! Super sweet juicy cherries!!!
Cherries here are link to X'mas!!! You'll always see some cherries in a guest's house during X'mas^^

Tash offered to tag along with them to do some cherry picking which i gladly accepted. We have been checking the website of Stellar creek for 1-2 weeks as the orchard's opening time is very dependent on weather. Big rain pour sees the cherries falling off and also rotting. Well, what we need is a good plenty of sunny day!!! The sun get the cherries to ripe faster becoming the red juicy fingerfood we like!!!

Unfortunately, the weather before X'mas and our lab X'mas bbq wasn't great, we waited and waited until that time came!!! It an overcast day but at least the orchard was opened. 

2010_12_04 Gawler shooting

This is an old town that took me almost 2 hours on the train to get there!!! This is the furthest of the northern region one can get to on a convenient public transport. 42km from Adelaide.

Somehow i wanted to see new places and shoot new things, hence i went on this train to visit this town. It turned out to be quite a nice day walk + shooting. 

Gawler is one of the gateways for most people to get to the famous Barossa Valley due to its closer proximity. Much to my unknown, this town is the first country town of SA!!! Hence, there's a lot of heritage value in this town. The town plan was devised by the colonial surveyor William Light, and was the only town planned by him other than Adelaide. Gawler prospered early with the discovery of copper nearby at Kapunda and Burra, which resulted in Gawler becoming a resting stop to and from Adelaide. Later, it developed industries including flour milling and manufacturing steam locomotives. Now, Gawler is a commercial centre for the Mid-North districts of South Australia.

My visit was near Christmas where they have the Gawler Christmas street festival, almost the same time this time of the year!!! (sigh, lol). One can see X'mas decoration on the buildings. Here's the photos!!! Enjoy!!!

The last train stop

Friday, December 9, 2011

2010_11_20 Glenelg and West beach shooting

Here's some of my chosen shots of Glenelg and West beach!!! Revisited with my new toy :) Enjoy!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

2010/11/09 staff "Deppreciation" night

Some photos of the night :) 

2010/11/19 Rebecca & Andrew's wedding at St.Andrews

Am very lucky to witness this couple's wedding!!! 
Andrew, the senior RA in the lab is the lucky man that day!!! 
It was a gorgeous day with a wonderful wedding inside a lovely chapel!!!
Here's some of my favourite photos of the day!!!

2010_11_07 Adelaide Goverment house open day

A visit to the Adelaide Government house which is located at the corner between King william st and nrth tce. This house has sparked some curiousity in me everytime i walk along the tall wall of its perimeter. 

 The only time i can have a peep was through the front gate which has a driveway that leads into the house or i should call mansion!!!

This house only opens a few times every year and i have always missed it or either too lazy to get into the CBD to visit.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

2010-11-07 Adelaide Botanic garden- roses eVERywhere!!!

Get ready to dive into the captivating colourful world of roses!!!

DSC_0135 DSC_0136

A song for them...

Turned on my music - blue jazz list on a Thursday evening, home alone...
And this song was played - 

And it suddenly reminded of 2 friends that i have not seen and haven't being in contact much...

This song posted up here was dedicated to them - Pei li and Beh, 

It's because of them that i knew this wonderful wonderful song!!!

"Falling Slowly" is a song written and performed by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, as well as by Hansard's band, The Frames. It appeared in their 2007 film Once, from which it won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 80th Academy Awards. (from Wikipedia)

Here's the wonderful lyric...
I don't know you 
But I want you 
All the more for that 
Words fall through me 
And always fool me 
And I can't react 
And games that never amount 
To more than they're meant 
Will play themselves out 

Take this sinking boat and point it home 
We've still got time 
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice 
You've made it now 
[ Lyrics from: ]
Falling slowly, eyes that know me 
And I can't go back 
Moods that take me and erase me 
And I'm painted black 
You have suffered enough 
And warred with yourself 
It's time that you won 

Take this sinking boat and point it home 
We've still got time 
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice 
You've made it now 

Take this sinking boat and point it home 
We've still got time 
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice 
You've made it now 
Falling slowly sing your melody 
I'll sing along

Saturday, October 29, 2011

2010_11_06 McLaren Vale vineyard walk

Decided to go for a vineyard and cellar door photo shooting on a weekend although the clouds don’t looked so kind as i got closer and closer to McLaren Vale, a town famous for its wineries, second to Barossa Valley. Many people visit this place due to its close proximity to the town and located in between Adelaide and Victor Harbour (relax and beaches). However, it took me 1 and half hours and careful planning of time to get here!!!

The slightly overcast day somehow created a perfect shooting days as i’m pretty much shooting more close up rather than landscape photos, so the overcast kinda brought up the colours and did not cast shadows on my subjects!!!

Once i got to the town, it’s all walking and shooting!!!
DSC_0008 DSC_0011
Saw these lavenders at bloom with all the bees hovering around, catching them on the shot required patience, haha.

 DSC_0028 DSC_0029
Then it’s all vineyard shooting all the way…

Monday, October 17, 2011

Spring blossoms in Mt.Lofty botanic garden 2010-10-31

Morning greetings by morning glory near my house.

The weather was great that day, here’s all the chosen shots from the trip, some i couldn’t decide which to put up and which not to, so i put them all up, haha.

Hope you guys enjoy the pics!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

TITANIC in Melbourne!!! 2010-10-13

Here on another mission again…

This time my mission finished way earlier than what i expected, so i have ample time till my flight back to Adelaide. Hence i walked around the CBD for some photo shooting, it’s a rainy day, something new for me, as i have not seen the busy Melbourne CBD in rain particularly in the morning where commuters were scurrying to their work place to avoid the rain.

It’s a foggy morning…without the right light, everything appeared dull, haha. Nothing really worthy of shooting.

Went back to the laneways famous for graffiti, in the overcast day, the colours of the graffiti stand up evenly and pretty well, hence a few shots :). Quite like the contrast of the pure white old scooter in front of the red demonic like graffiti of the shop, haha.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Heart Of The World - Lady Antebellum

Another song since band Perry's " If i die young" & Train's "Marry me" that i found I can't stop listening over and over again. 
The lyrics are awesome, love the wordings so much!!!
All in all, an AWESOME LOVE SONG!!!

Heart Of The World
Tom Douglas / Scooter Caruso
Tin cans rattling the pavement
Confetti scattered everywhere
She falls asleep in the seat beside me
Rice caught up in her hair
I don't mind it, I keep driving
Flying on these wheels of steel
A bit anxious, a bit nervous
The moment's all we can feel

If oil is the soul of the engine
Then wine is the drink of the gods
Forgiveness the road to redemption
Faith can still beat the odds
We're meant to be
Baby hold on to me
You'll never not be my girl
Cause love is the heart of the world

I leave him sleeping as I rise early
Always up before the dawn
The house is dark but I see clearly
The kettle sings a morning song
The bacon's frying, baby's crying
I soak up the sights and sounds
Minutes turn to ...days and I
Wish that I could slow 'em down

If grease is the soul of the kitchen
And coffee the drink of the gods
Routine too perfect to mention
Time is a thief I would rob
We're meant to be
Baby hold on to me
I’ll never not be your girl
Cause love is the heart of the world

If hope is the soul of the dreamer
Then Heaven is the home of my God
It only takes one true believer
To believe you can still beat the odds
We're meant to be
Baby hold on to me
You'll never not be my girl
Never not be your girl
Cause love is the heart, love is the heart
Love is the heart of the world

Blossoms along Marino coastal 2010-10-02

Springtime was one of the most colourful season with the weather 'just nice' …
Everywhere flower greets you…
On my visit to Marino, i was totally taken surprise by the beautiful wild flowers at full blooms along the coastal!!!

Here are my favourites!!!!
What a colourful garden-scape, lol.

IMG_9945 IMG_9946

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebration of Friendship!!!!

Fast forward track to 2011,

19th September 2011

Met with one of my best friend in Adelaide, a day that i never expect much but it was probably one of my best day in 2011 so far. Frankly, I am very thankful that after all these years since we both went on to pursue our own future, gone through different stages of life and despite we seldom keep in touch, yet both of us could still share and have common views and opinions, laugh at each other, laugh at anything and everything as well as support each other when we met……

Now that’s something to celebrate, cherish & remember!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Melbourne!!! 2010/09/21-22 Day 2

An early overcast gloomy weather greeted me when i set out for my official mission. The place i’m heading to is just near this magnificient victorian style bluestone building, now the Victorian college for the deaf. Since i was at the place i’m supposed to visit WAY earlier than i thought, in the cold i went around to explore this building.

IMG_9658 IMG_9653
What a contrast!!!! haha

IMG_9663 IMG_9664 IMG_9665
I wasted ~1-2 hrs waiting because… anyway, happy to see some faces on the same mission too. In fact one of them was from Adelaide too, haha.

Finally we got to wait inside the hall. It’s a pretty big hall with many rooms and kitchen, 2 living rooms. As seen on the far left pic, the hall was extended to accommodate more people.

After all the waiting, ….etc. I’m finally released, haha. I have been eyeing what to see along the way in the tram, so i decided to walk partially on the way back which is one of the best way to explore. And luckily i did!!! Saw this strange building with a big dome on top (left pic), which look attractive to me and thought it was some sort of administrative buildings because many of the victorian/edwardian/english buildings usually housed government work place or some sort of museum etc. However, it turned out to be a jewish church call a synagogue!!! I was quite surprised to find that, it’s the 1st time i came upon a jewish worship place!!!