Sunday, April 26, 2009

Victor Harbour detour 30.12.2008

Phil again kindly invited me to join him to Belinda parent’s house located down south in Goolwa which is quite near some of the best beaches in South Australia especially for surfing with strong waves most of the time. Yeah, of coz, i’m more than happy to join :) It’s still holiday mood around this time (end of DEC 2008), so i should made the most out of it, rite??

And he did a detour to bring me around to Goolwa beach and victor harbour together with his fren which made me really excited, wahaha.

Map picture

Goolwa beach, a long stretch of beach. The wind was so strong that it blown up the sand as well. But too bad the weather dun look nice for surfing, otherwise, Phil and his fren are going to surf with the waves, haha. According to them, they are a bit old dy, and dun felt like surfing in this cold weather, haha.



surfing anyone??


A view of Goolwa beach from somewhere far. I like this photo alot :)


Next, after they decided not to surf, we continued on to Victor harbour. A famous beautiful town by the cove, alot of retirees sold their house and bought one here for the rest of their life to enjoy the remaining days peacefully and RELAX. It’s not something we seen in Malaysian culture. Usually, it’s just a small house enough to house the old couple and abit of garden to keep them bz with compared to their more comfortable and bigger house in the city or suburbs.

Along the drive, we stopped by a while. This is a contemporary aboriginal piece of art on the klenings hill lookout point. We were heading for the ‘the bluff’ down at the end of victor harbour (the small hill shown in the bottom right small picture below). Wondered why it’s call ‘the bluff’?? Haha, tell ya what, i ALSO DUNO…..hehe.

IMG_6012 IMG_6014 IMG_6016 IMG_6017 IMG_6019

Here we are at – ‘the bluff’. I just love this place. From here, you can get stunning view of the coastal line and sea. Really love them. But to sit down there to enjoy the panoramic view, WEAR MORE!!! IT’s damn cold and windy.


IMG_6023 IMG_6026 IMG_6025IMG_6034 IMG_6040 IMG_6041

I love this photo very much too, hehe. Duno what these grasses are, but it just grew all over near the cliff side.

IMG_6050 IMG_6052 IMG_6053 IMG_6056 IMG_6067

View of Victor Harbour from the peak of ‘the bluff’. It’s just stunning view!!! And you can even bring along ur dear here to sit down and enjoy the view just the photo below (bottom left small photo).

IMG_6057 IMG_6073 IMG_6080

Funny though, how these trees adapt to the weather here. The wind causes these tress to grow in one directional.


Well, we din stay on the bluff long, coz Phil has to go back to pick up Belinda while his fren has to go back to the city. Anyway, it’s just too cold to stay there for long.


We stopped by the famous Port Elliot bakery, claimed the best for meat pie by Phil and said i must try. He even claimed that, after i tried the meat pie here, there won’t be any nicer than this in SOuth Australia. It might be quite true to me, cause there always a long queue outside this small bakery shop twice i passed by. There are a variety of meat pie to choose from, ranging from mushroom, pork, chicken……and also other bakeries - breads, doughnuts…etc. I had my beacon and potato meat pie, it tasted GREAT. wahaha, hot and freshly baked :)

IMG_6087 IMG_6089 IMG_6090 IMG_6092

After that, we went back to Belinda parents’ house and bid farewell to Phil’s fren. Stayed there a while then it’s time to go back :)

IMG_6094 IMG_6100 IMG_6103 IMG_6109

Thx Phil again for the wonderful trip :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scenic hallet Cove

My 1st ever own short trip in Adelaide...haha.
It's just 2 or 3 days after xmas....haha.
I more like to look at the vending machine here in adelaide, perhaps the bottles are display inside neatly...whaaha and offers a variety of choices.
Inside the train....well, as i said before, one type of ticket does it need to queue up to buy another ticket like what we had in KL......have to buy , rapid kl, lrt, monorail.............SAID NO to tat all, coz one ticket can use for all types of transports.
You can even buy your own ticket in the train, convenient isn't it??

Leaving from the Adelaide train station...

Here, you get to see these stop post, duno wat exactly it is call.....where car has to stop when a train is crossing over........and i just like to look at them...wahaha.

Pretty isn't it?? Sea at a few steps away.........

The other side of the train scene..wahaha.
Awesome view isn't it??

Finally i have to get down...hehe.

It's hallet cove......yeah!!! It's just roughly 30mins train ride to get to such a cool place!!! I first saw this place when i took the train to Norlunga centre to my co mum's house during boxing day... and immediately it attracted me to come over here!!! Hehe

One have to go through an underground tunnel beneath the rail track to reach the other the beach and coastal line!!!!

Cool rite??? Imagine if you owned a house by the coastal or beach area...everyday you rise up to see the sea and get back from work and sit down to wait for the sunset??? Here, the skies are usually clear that you can expect good sunset view, unlike Msia, the cloud here have more mercy...haha.

Cant help but to take photo of these pretty post box and flowers around them....i guessed it's hard to find these in Msia...

WooooH!!!! Clear blue sky and green green grass.......i just love it !!!!

Haha, all using time mode to catch my photos...wahaha, just cant help but to snap a couple of me in such a beautiful place :).

Along the coast, you'll see this where it explains what inhabits this area, and the names of the birds, fish...are both in english and aboriginal language..:)

The city council here has taken some effort to improve and protect the rocky coastal here from errosion which is very good measure :)

Bother to sit down there and enjoy the cold breeze and warm sunshine??

There are certain areas that have planks for one to walk along this beautiful coastal line :)

albatross?? i duno....wahaha

Sea algae ....

Dead sea algae and rubbish containment area to trap rubbish and algaes...

It's just felt so AWESOME to look across the coastal at a higher spot.....LOVIN IT!!!!

There's also a conservation park at the other end of the coastal towards brighton town....which i explored.

This conservation park is well known in australia for its geographical landscape that dates back to duno how many thousands of year when australia was rising from the sea! All these special and unique Geographical landscape are different rock formation and layers ....

Ooo!!! dry and barren, wahah. This's how it looks like when you explore in summer season :)
Geographical landscape 1......ripples

Just thought of taking the picture of this old couple holding hands...wahaha, the older they are the closer they are, it's amazing to see old couples like them.....traveling around and supporting each other :)

Dried grass everywhere.....Ooooo, a long way to trek still...wahaha.

Geographical landscape 2....the Amphitheatre
Amphitheatre from afar...

Geographical landscape 3....the sugarloaf....
funny and unique look, isn't it???

View of sugarloaf from afar :)

Saw the other end?? i walked from the middle to that other end and from that end walk to this end...wahaha. But i enjoyed every bit of it :)

Long way to hike.....but the view just make you tireless!!!

Geographical landscape 4....

Enjoying myself :) wahaha. Really love this dun get this kind of place in Msia....except mayb bako national park, but still it's different.

Geographical landscape 5....down at the beach where there is sthg called black rock or wat at the cliff...i'm just not into rocks, wahaha. Mayb seng keong might bother to go down there and study them :)

Geographical landscape 6....

Haha, at last the end of the hike and's approximately 3km ++, and took me 2-3hrs to travel from one end of the conservation park to the other end :) It could have bben faster, but taking picture, adjusting camera....etc takes time ;)
The coastal line doesn't end here actually, but stretches on and brighston, west beach, gleneg....etc. SIMPLY AWESOME!!! Seen people jogging here, hope to do so someday when i'm more free....wahaha!!!
Nothing beat this so far...even looking at the picture....offers calmness and peace :)