Friday, February 27, 2009

One day....

Come to think of it, there's stil MANY places in Malaysia that i longed to visit!!! Malaysia to me indeed have alot of local attractions, and it's just so hard to try to visit them all. Though throughout my 4 year in KL, i tried to travel to as many places as i could, nonetheless, there are too MANY!!! It's only during my last 2 years there that i am more familiar with west Malaysia and have more chance to venture, met new frens that share same interest and willing to travel.

Malaysia is still a place like no other to me.....and i'm proud of it's lots of tourist attractions!!!

One day.......i hope to visit all the places below, one day, some day.....

Funny, though i have been in KL and PJ for 4 years, i still didn't have a chance to visit Batu Cave....the famous hindu temple!!!'s just like my 1st genting trip, which i finally step on genting in 3rd year.

Gunung ledang from afar.........Too bad.....i have no chance to climb this mountain with Randy u guys....haha, wonder when will there be another chance at all!!!!!

This one as well!!!! GUNUNG TAHAN......"hey, Randy....maybe i should book u and others in advance to climb this mountain when i back 3 years later!!!, haha"

Tasik Chini, haha, Antenna went b4 me.....too bad.......i always love to c alot of water lilies and lotus on a vast lake.....

Borneo Highland Sarawak... It was a very beautiful place when it first open, i dun really know how is it now, but seems to me still pretty gud.....

View to kalimantan border, Indonesia from one of the summit trail in Boreno highland

The foggy mist among the mountains of borneo highland.......

Another sad thingy, been in Sarawak for 20 years....yet i never set foot here in Mulu Cave, one of the world heritage that contains the world largest cave chambers!!!!

And surely i hope one day....i will get an opportunity to be at the peak of all these marvelous Mulu pinnacles!!!

Redang............Sigh.....sigh...........another sad sad many ppl went there, but i just nvr have a chance to go there!!! time not right lar, frens not right lar, x money lar......Hopefully it will remain as clean and as beautiful when i go there one day.........

Mabul and Sipadan....two of the world's best island and diving sites!!! How i wish i had a chance to go there!!!!!.........Din manage to go there during my 2007 Sabah trip....too far away (need to fly to Tawau), no money too........the accomodation der is just WAY TOO expensive!!!!

Pulau Payar....the best island and snorkelling site in west coast of West Malaysia.....Did tried to plan this trip before but due to many objections , no money....etc, we nvr make it for this trip but got to somewhere else instead. One day....hehe

Kelantan, surprisingly i made quite a number of kelantan frens in the last 2 years(i guessed the most ever in such a short time), yet nvr had a chance to go there!!!, sigh..........Hope my Kelantan frens will offer me a trip to their hometown when i'm back :)

Kemasin, Bachok.....

Tok bali, Pasir Puteh....

Perlis.....a small state....though many tot that there's nthg much to explore there, however, i would still love to visit the state one day to see myself....sometimes, it doesn't need to be beaches, national parls, or modern archictecture...etc that matters, to see another state's life and culture is pretty sastifying to me. To me, every little town or place has something to offer and has its own uniqueness :)

The famous Ipoh, the good food of Ipoh.....hahahahha, i nvr been there, sigh!!!!

Ipoh's famous chinese temple.....

The kellie's castle.....

Gua tempurung....Kang wei..... haha, plan to revisit this place in another 3 years' time??

Padas white water rafting............sigh...........another sad case....In Sabah, train broke down, so we end up with no rafting eventhough we are just a train's ride away to it. And now the price of it has risen 2x..........gosh!!!!

One of the best place i have been and will never forget!!!!! THe best trip ever........seriouslly i cant think of any climb that can beat this Mt.KK climb!!!! I still longed to climb at least for a 2nd time if not more!!!

last but not least!!!!!

Hopefully when i'm back to Msia, there will be a trail up the highest peak of bukit tabur which one can seen from the pic above. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Postgraduate Scholarships.........

Hmm.....have been thinking of writing up a post on scholarships since last year, but always found myself defering. Haha. Hope this would benefit whoever from Malaysia are looking for scholarships.

In fact, this post was created more in favour to provide my experiences and information to some of my friends and juniors. :)

I remembered eventhough i hope to pursue my studies oversea badly, but i was not proactive in searching and applying for scholarships. In fact, i din really know where to start and how many scholarships are available. Before an INTENSE search, it seems to me, oversea scholarships are rare and extinctING, yet in reality there aren't, BUT VERY COMPETITIVE and limited scholars. Hopefully, these info can help them in any way to realising their dreams.

Well, here a list of scholarships that i've known of:
locally, u may apply to:
1) Universiti biasiswa, i guessed each local uni have their own biasiswa for application.
2) National science foundation(NSF)
3) Yang di-Pertuan Agong Scholarship (YDA)
4)Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship:
and others.........

For overseas,
1) NSF (international slots)
2) YDA
3) Perdana menteri scholarship
4) Asia Japan Alumni (ASJA) in collaboration with Japan Graduates' Association of Malaysia (JAGAM) [1 and only chosen] and
5) Japanese MEXT Mobukagakusho(depend on budject, usually quite a few) If you are interested in going Japan
6) Korean goverment scholarship:
7) NUS offers several types of scholarship, browse their website:
8) Fulbright scholar: for those interested in going to the STATES
9) Rhodes scholarship
10) Belinda Gates scholarship
11) Yayasan Sime Darby Postgraduate Overseas Scholarship: (not easy to get)
12) Australia National University (ANU) alumni (1 given for PhD): please ask IDP or email
13) Taiwan Scholarship Programme : Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, Level 7, Menara Yayasan Tun Razak, 200 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
For details, call Kuo at 03-2168 8722. (Quote from Malaysia-scholarship centre).
14) British council (but now reduced to 1 year funding only for British chevening postgraduate studies [encouraging short term studies] if i'm not wrong).
15) Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: for european scholarships, usually most of it relevant to ecological, tropical studies.
16) DAAD Scholarships for Master and Doctoral Programs: for those interested to study in Germany
17) Australian goverment scholarship( Endeavour):
18) Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul scholarships:
19) Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship Plan (CSFP): if you are froma commonwealth country.
and MANY MORE that i cant recall..........

In fact, many universities offers a range of financial aid to students, it can be in the form of bursaries or loan or limited scholarships, e.g Cambridge, University of Sydney...etc. Do check out often from time to time to the universities you aim to pursue your studies, contact them for financial fundings.

You can always refer to some good websites which dedicated themselves to constantly updating scholarships news at: or
and find news on postgraduate vacancies(masters or PhD) in

Final words: Get tips of applying scholarships from websites, heaps of them. BE PROACTIVE to find them and find them as early as possible :), scholarships won't find u!!!

Please leave a comment or message in the chat box if you find these info useful, thank you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

PhD......Life of life!!!!

This is true reflection of PhD............believe me it's >90% true :)