Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beethoven symphony no.9 LIVE experience, yeah!!!

1st time live experience listening to live orchestra with superb choir team in Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), KLCC. Yeah!!!! Planned this concert long long time since last year nov-dec....always wanted to go buy tickets (coz student price is only rm15-20 any seat compared to Rm40-200 w/o student card) to this concert, coz heard from junior that MPO last concert always very niceeeeeeeeeee, some more they willl play Beethoven symphony number 9 and best , with Aussie choir!!!! How can i miss this!!!! YET the funny thing is, many among my frens and labmates and juniors wanted to go, but every1 is bz with their time, we could not make it to go buy the tickets together. We finally bought our tickets available during april, again those seats are not that good becoz of its distance from the stage and the sound system effect. Anyway, vy syiok to get the tickets for my 1st orchestra LIVE!!!! Anticipating it since long especially after watched Nodame Cantabile Jap Drama, which showed me how awesome can a live orchestra be :)

Took this photo while waiting...

Haha, Ms Pei Li and Ms Hui Jia....

The MPO lighting.....vy beautiful

Ms Yvonne with Hui Jia waiting ....

A photo of 2 orchestra players....

All of us with Mr WXiang at the end in grey

Too bad we were not allowed to capture any photos inside the hall.......well....the 1st piece was quite ok.....enjoyed, but not the 2nd and 3rd piece. Haha, very flat and quite hypnotizing. The 1st part lasted around 1 hr. Now the favorite and exciting part was next.....beethoven symphony no.9 - "ode de joy" with Aussie choir live. I enjoyed and stayed alert throughout the 2nd part which lasted 1 hr plus. It was awesome and marvellous to hear it live eventhough my siting was not a good place (imagine siting at d middle, woah!!!). VERY VERY worth it for a rm15 student price. When it ends, everyone stand out to clap their hands, giving honour to the conductor (his last performance after a few year of serving). I wanted to shout "bravo, bravo" but it doesn't seem to be the culture here, too bad. All in all, u must try go and listen yourself, with such a good price , u simply should go!!!

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  1. Is "Ode to joy",not "all de joy" la..
    U can shout"bravo" actually,i will follow u,hehe..coz i want to try to shout "bravo" in a music hall long time ago.