Sunday, October 5, 2008

Live experience of WChia singing!!!

1st time heard WChia singing in "hai luo (海螺) ming ge chan ting". What a good experience and got me excited to know WC will sing. Hehe. Her voice was overwhelming!!! She had such a nice, strong and yet a unique and different voice from many others. She could sing amei song easily and to be able to sing Amei songs are considered very good. I just like to hear her singing. Plus she can play the guitarrrr!!!

I cant recall when was the 1st time i actually heard her singing, in college activity or she sang spontaneously among frens or....., but i sure know she is a favourite and hot singer of "yai lan shou", UM. Her jazzy " xiang nian ta de ye zhang" was so nice that i love it vy much. It's a song to put u in the mood late at night.

Then seeing her getting through "hai Luo" competition to sing and work part time at Hai Luo....she really has change and grown up....especially in appearance. She now vyvyvy take care of her outlook, hahaha.

So here i am with my roomate to give her my sUpport at "hai Luo"

A closer look at her emotions when singing!!

Haha, my roomate who love singing vy much was given a chance to sing too....hahha. It really give him the shock....he sang 'rainbow ' of Jay Chow!!!! U can check his post at

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  1. haha, since u have wan jia's song, u should upload it to your blog le,help her promote haha:)