Sunday, October 19, 2008

UM convo AUgust!!!

CONVO CONVO again........another year had passed.SIGH.....wahahahhaha.
This time it's not me, but my frens, well....CONGRATES TO U ALL - Min yen, ah joe, muk lin, chew in, qing yoon, chai chee, siew lee, yuan meng, bcheng, shi yen, siaw ting, kam, ming meei, lih wei, 4th juniors, NPC undergrads,............etc, i only got these pics, hahha. FOr those who saw this post and have the pictures that i have taken with u, then send it to .....:)

Congrates to Min yen!!! u'll be a pharmacist!!! good job prospect!!!

Tahniah kepada Miss Leng lui....wahahha, Bcheng, my housemate!!!! Future counselor!!!

7th college ppl gona throw some1 dy.....the UM tradition of the chinese!!! haha, they wud throwed u as high as possible to pluck the leaves of the surrounding trees. SOmetimes vy dangerous too...hahaha.

congrates to to shi yen!!!

happy convo for Ms Siaw Ting .....

Ms Ach came all the way from Kuching to UM fren's convo....., Jordan took half day off to come congrates his frens..... , AJH too came down from Penang.....WE took tis photo in NPC lab while having a short gathering :)
Ms Siew Phooi, i almost forgot u grad too....i owez had in mind tat we grad together....luckily some1 reminded me. HAHA!!! anyway, congrates!!!

Ah sam taking his PRE-CONVO pic at home...wahahha, it's oledi midnight le....cant wait for convo???

Congrates to ah sam and harry!!!

Sherylnn Convo!!!! Congrates!!!

Congrates to u too , Mei QIng.....

congratulations to u, shook ye....hehehe. I'm proud of u!!!

U guys too, katrina and YB!!! :P

Terese :)

2 leng luis!!! Phoebe and Terese...


MR future gabenor of bank negara, mr thiam aiK. I'm proud of u, i'm sure ur future is vy promising!!!!

Oppps, forgot his name??? hahah. But i remmeber u!!! wahaha.

The 4 mouseketeers in their graduation gown :)

Me v Ms Su Ee :)

Me n Ms Pei LI :)

Me n Ms Yvoone :)

Me v Ms xue fen......all wet coz of the blessed rain that pours!!!! hahah.

Me v Ms Wei Wei!!!!

Kind of like the smiles in this picture, so BIG and CHEERFUL SMILE :) They must be so happy to grad...ahahah.

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