Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meaningful quoteS.......

Got all this meaningful phrases from one of the mails i received. I personally selected some of them to be blog in this short post which i deem are meaningful to me and can serve as sthg to ponder about for everyone :) With the purpose that those who read this post can found them to be useful and learn sthg :)

1st one, it's very common to find that every1 wants to win or become the successor in an arguments, which i think sometimes it really doesn't go that way. Jz as the phrases below said....agree to disagreements and you may found or learned sthg :)

Well, maybe alot of people are whining about their life so far.....this and that is so UNFAIR, yet don't u admit that your life is still GOOD??? Pls learn to appreciate it :)

IT's true that what u seen or heard about the success of a person may not potrait wat he/she went through !!!!

learn to forgive and you'll be happier!!!

This phrase here is very true :)

I like this....i always like to think that your future, happiness and the way you lead your life lies in our own palms!!! i usually tend not to believe in horoscopes or feng shui stuffs.....(though i tend to kept them as precautions), because you hold the key!!!

Well, i like this the best!!!! shud believe that the best has yet to come ......BELIEVE is the power and hope that kept you alive and throughtout all these years.....believe that you can and you will :)


  1. yalo, agree with you.

    really like those words also:)