Friday, October 10, 2008

Chiling Waterfall.......Yeah!!!

Randy organised this trip to hiling Waterfall located at Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) on the way to Fraser's hill. Planned this trip several times, canceled then finally it's ON, YEAH!!!

Gathering at Randy's house before departure.

The KKB ampang pecah new dam

Well, this was the entrance to Chiling waterfall, looked weird rite??? We entered and turned back when the route doesn't seem to lead us anywhere. We left at first and went on down the road to find a place that looks more likely to be the entrance to chiling waterfall, in the end we asked a motorist and discovered that the entrance we entered in the 1st place writing 'santuari ikan sg.chiling' was in fact the correct entrance. Haha. So we walked in again.
After 10-15mins of walking, we reached the recreation park. THe photo below showed the map to Chiling waterfall. If you look properly at the map, u have to cross 5 streams (the 1st one is jz vyvyvy small stream, if you count that in then altogether are 6river crossings). It is not advisable to go Chiling waterfall when the water level is high as it can reached your waist level.

After writing our details at the pondok, we embarked on our journey to Chiling waterfall.

The starting trek was full of puddles of muddy water. It's better to wear slippers instead of shoes or boots. 1st river crossing!!!

2nd river crossing!!!

3rd river crossing!!!

4th river crossing!!!

5th river crossing!!!

Jiun Yong posing as?? HAHAH
The Chiling waterfall from afar.

Ang Mo oso here!!!

I like this pic!!!!!

Jiun Yong daring himself to swim against the rushing water!!!

Daring himself to get closer to the waterfall!!!
Stephen made it to the middle of the rushing water!!

Haha, randy trying to bring pey pey to the middle of the rushing water too!!!

Cool Pic!!!

Duno who stacked the rocks there!!! Looks very artistic, but in the end, before we left, we hit it down , hahah!!!

The waterfall at closer look. Well, the waterfall is nice to look at more than for fun, hahaha. The water current is too strong in the middle and if you duno how to swim, then sori lar!!! You can only soak yourself at the pool.

Jiun Yong's gf!!! She's wrapping herself up, so cold meh?

All of us!!

Peter took this pretty butterflies sucking minerals from the mud.

We had a change after we got back to the starting point. It's good that it actually have a washroom for changing but it's not well-managed actually.

Last group photo before leaving the sg.chiling water

Well, it was a fun trip, 1st time experience 5 river crossing to actually get to a waterfall, haha. It was so much fun to cross those rivers. Arigatou to Randy for organizing this trip :)

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