Friday, October 10, 2008

MEi Fung Senior Convo!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO MS.PANG MEI FONG.....HAHAHA, you have finished your MSc!!!

In C8 lab, gathering and waiting for convocation later in the evening!!!

The time is right for the MR RIGHT??? ( SORI lo, not him) to send Mei Fong her bouquet of flower now!!!

Pretty, pretty bouquet of flower!!

Me v Mei fong :)

Mei Fong with Dr.Ng (her SUPERVISOR), they both look like sisters , rite?? HAHAH

A group of photo of me, cym, mei fong, dr.Ng, ypy and tmc!!! COngrates again to u Oooooo!!!


  1. hey my dearest junior, I didnt know that I will have such an honour to be on ur blog leh.. haha.. thanks wo! sometimes i will drop by ur blog to see whats yr updates.. kinda of nice to read yr blog... i think yr life is full of colors, filled with family, friends, work and travels.. not bad ah! I want to congratulate you as well.. hehehe.. best wishes for u in future! keep in touch!

    p/s: my last name is mei fong, not mei fung.

  2. haha, gomenasai for spelling your name wrongly :P. Oh definitely, y not? i meant it's a happy moment ma, so put it in my blog lo, hehe.
    Hope someday i can taste your swedish bakeries, hehe.