Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My 1st USA trip: Harlo,San Francisco!!! part 2

San Francisco
One of the obvious differences between the cities I have been to e.g Australian cities
is the way the residential units are designed
Much like what I saw in the TV dramas like "Friends" sitcom, 
They are colourful with its own unique character 
consist of stairways outside each apartments

Something I walked across several times only to realized that it's some kind underground passage with a lift elevator installed leading to, probably the basement of the shop adjacent to. I have seen it use for transfer of goods.

In the financial district
The District is home to the city's largest concentration of corporate headquarters, law firms, banks, savings & loans and other financial institutions.
There are several shopping malls in the area too.

Inside a bank

Not sure what this place is, but it's pretty 
and looks to me like a hang out place for coffee or tea

Back to the Embarcadero in daylight.
The Embarcadero (Spanish: Wharf), is the eastern waterfront and roadway of the Port of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, along San Francisco Bay, constructed atop an engineered seawall on reclaimed land, and derives its name from the Spanish verb embarcar, meaning "to embark". Embarcadero itself means "the place to embark".

View of Yerba Buena Island and Bay Bridge in daylight

In chinatown again, 
The Transamerica Pyramid in daylight
I must admit that this building is pretty prominent and eye-catching with pyramid shape!!!
The building is a tall, four-sided pyramid with two "wings" on either side to accommodate an elevator shaft on the east and a stairwell and a smoke tower on the west.

Whoever designed the building, somehow design the word "天" at the bottom??
Is that coincidence or purposely? 
Does it convey a meaning? 

In a park at china town
Guessed what these guys are gathering for?
but you don't see any money
is it illegal? 
I have no idea

San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest and one of the largest in North America.

Well, I learnt a lesson here in this chinese shop where I had my porridge. 
It was drizzling bit, so I opt for something hot to warm myself up.
I knew that it's common to give tips
but I did not hand out any tips
This waitress looked at me asking:
"do you know you have to give tips??"
I was like yeah, but I don't think it's worth giving the tips afterall
I wasn't treated any differently from where I was in Asia
She told me it's a must to give tips of 15-20% of the meal!!!
I was like, what the??
I eaten porridge nia wo, 
and I have to give you 1-2 dollars extra still??
oh well....I gave in the end
but learned later that I DON'T have to from a US friend
All I can say, 
Chinese memang Chinese!!!

I really like this post office 
which is different, maybe because I was a nerd
I just like how the post office was designed and integrated the chinese designs

Took the bus ride to the golden gate bridge
and given the weather,
this was the best I can see!!!
It was very foggy
oh well, I just have to see it another day!!!

The San Francisco City hall at night and in rain!!!

It's very pretty and in fact prettier than the city hall of Denver, haha

Musuem showcasing Bali but I did not enter

Back to my hostel for a 2nd night

What a tiring day!!!

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